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My Job, just venting.

I went to my ob appointment with my group, and they handed us all out a general letter saying at this point in time, with us all being due around June, they would like us to use precautions and do some of the lighter work. We were to turn it in to our employers....well I did, I work nightshift as a CNA ..and unfortunatly I was called the next morning by my boss before I was to work a shift that night and told that unless I can get my restrictions lifted, I no longer had a position at the facility. Which is supposed to be illegal :/ but I can't afford not to work and the position that I was offered in dietary was a big pay cut. So currently, I have had my restrictions lifted, but I will continue to work unless I feel it is unsafe.

Re: My Job, just venting.

  • That sucks. What type of unit do you work in? I'm an RN and I work ICU including CVICU also nightshift. I was able to work until about 30min after my water broke at 38 weeks with no problems. My OB never gave me any restrictions. Just be really careful getting patients out of bed, I told all my patients don't hang on to me for support because you will fall! Turning people wasn't a big deal.  I think squatting to empty Foley bags was the hardest at the end. Ask your OB if you need any specific restrictions for any reason or if that was just a general recommendation.
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    Because it was a general letter that was handed out to everyone I am assuming it's just a general recommendation. I'm sure if it was something specific to you and your pregnancy, your OB would have given you more specific restrictions and reasons why behind them. I agree with NurseRieger and that you could always ask your OB (if you haven't already).

    Hope work is still going well for you!
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  • Im a former cna with both hospital and nursing home experience. I am assuming you work in a nursing home. Is it possible for you to switch to a different shift just temporarily for rest of pregnancy. There will be more people to help on day shift or 3-11. Youll loose differential but its better than the cut to dietary.

    Just be careful and put yourself, your health, and babies health 1st. I've never been pregnant but being a c.n.a. is HARD and its getting worse bc of medicare cuts/greediness. I screwed my back up bad and will have issues for life bc my nursing home put profits 1st and workers comp is hell.

    Good luck and use your best judgement 
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    I worked in a nursing home (LTC) as a CNA and we were understaffed. Some days I was the only CNA to 16-32 residents working 8.5-12.5 hr shifts with no break. My Grandma passed while I was on shift they let me go home and told me to take bereavement and that it would be covered since she was immediate family and in my situation she raised me. I got back and they told me my bereavement was denied and placed me on a new unit by myself (without any knowledge of this unit) that was known for being more violent and difficult. I quit. I couldn't really afford the pay cut but my babies health was more important and my stress was at a max most days I came home crying and exhausted. It was honestly the best decision I ever made, I have a new job that pays a little less because of the hours but I am more relaxed and happy. I don't think they can deny you a job because of your pregnancy with a restrictions from your DR, I'd read your employee handbook and research it but I'm pretty sure that is not allowed unless it's free lance.
    Also did a quick search and found this^ but I'd look into it more.

    EDIT: I just noticed that even though this post was at the top of the bored its months old XD woopse sorry for zombie I don't know how to delete my comment.

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