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ovulation predictor kits---must I use all those strips?

So, I got a packet of those ov predicting strips.  The brand is CVS, and it comes with 20 strips.  The thing is, the box says to use one a day, from the day after one's period until you get a positive.  Is this really neccessary?  Why can't I wait until at least CD 10?  I am on CD 4 and my period stopped two days ago.  Testing every day just seems like a waste of strips and a way to cheat women out of money.  I realize I need to figure out when I ovulate, as my months seem to veer between 26 and 29 day cycles, but I think this is really a bit much.  

What do you think, can I start the strips next week, or what?

Re: ovulation predictor kits---must I use all those strips?

  • They probably recommend that for people who don't know when they ovulate. I don't start doing them until CD12 but that's because I ovulate usually around CD18 or even 20. Every so often it happens on CD14 so I test so I won't miss it just in case. If I were you I'd start on CD7 the first month and after you have an idea when it happens you can narrow it down in following months.
  • What pp said... I typical ovulate on cd 12... I start testing in cd 10. I test 2x a day morning and late afternoon. 
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