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Mucus in poop- formula fed baby

my little one is 5 weeks today and as of today Ive seen mucus in her last stool. Not sure if this is normal or not. She seems fine other then that, a little rash/eczema on her face and gassy but thats all. Anyone else going through this?

Re: Mucus in poop- formula fed baby

  • Watch it and make sure it is an isolated case. If it keeps happening or is green, probably a milk allergy and formula needs switched. 
  • It can be nothing but if it doesn't go away it could be a sign of a food allergy/intolerance. I would just keep an eye on it.
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  • Thanks! She doesnt seem to be bithered by anything and it (from what I noticed) has only happened in two diapers. The last one she had didnt have any in it. So we will see what happens tomorrow. 
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