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What have you done to honor your little one?

I am trying to decide what/where we should put things up in the house.  My sister had a beautiful drawing done of my son that I love and I also want to put up one of his pictures and maybe a shadowbox of his stuff.  My therapist says that I will know when I've found the right spot.

Re: What have you done to honor your little one?

  • We have her urn and the little teddy bear the funeral home gave us on a shelf in the living room. We didn't really want a lot of stuff on display, just those two things. It's nice to have her in the room where we spend most of our time.
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    We have my son's photos displayed in our home in a few places. On our mantle we have his urn, one of his pictures, and an angel figurine with parents. We also have a candle we light for him on special occasions. On our porch we have a wind chime that plays amazing grace that was given to us in his memory. I have a braclet with my son's face in a heart charm. On the back it reads "in our hearts forever" - my husband gave it to me after he was born. Anywhere that makes you happy and brings you comfort is right. 
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  • Nothing yet. But this is still so fresh. Only lost 8 days ago. Planning to plant a tree in the spring. Have a memorial. Also going to frame her footprints. Need to find a frame though.

    also need to find some memorial jewellery of some sort.
  • @cmillar36 re: jewelry; I got a simple ring to wear with her name on it from an Etsy shop. I like that I can wear it all the time.

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  • (Living child mentioned)

    I planted a tree when we lost our daughter. I have an angel yard ornament that I put beside the tree during the summer. I also have a small angel figurine in my office that my coworker gave me when I lost the baby. 
    My husband and I spread our daughter's ashes on the same hill that we were married on. We took our maternity pictures there last fall when I was pregnant with my rainbow baby, and we plan on take more family pictures there in the future. 
  • MamaBish said:
    @cmillar36 re: jewelry; I got a simple ring to wear with her name on it from an Etsy shop. I like that I can wear it all the time.

    I love the jewelry idea... and on that note, I know there's a few places ( for one) that will make jewelry out of your loved ones ashes/lock of hair/breast milk (if that's relevant)/etc.  I think that's a really cute way to remember/honor your child.
    I also have a shadow box with a few momentos and a picture of my little girl.
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  • Thank you all.  I do have a lock of his hair - I never considered putting it into a piece of jewelry - I will look into that.
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    There are a few organizations who will do special things for you if you lost your little one during or before childbirth like I did. I'm eager to get a Held Your Whole Life necklace and keychain and there's one called Molly Bears which makes teddy bears the weight of your baby's birthweight. I'm sure there are organizations if your little one was born living, too. 

    I would like to get both of the above. Once we repaint the room that was supposed to be her nursery (anything but pink!) we are going to make it an office/guest room and I want to dedicate a shelf to her with a picture of her, photo album of her sonos (we had weekly sonos for a while!), a plaque we found of her name with a verse, and the foot print impressions they gave us. I also want to make a square of the same stitch pattern and yarn as the baby blanket I crocheted for her that we buried with her. That will probably be the hardest for me to do because I put so so so much love and effort and hope into making that blanket. I had this irrational idea that as long as the blanket wasn't finished she would stay inside and when I finished she would be born healthy.

    (the pictures are the first square I made and the plaque with her name, Hope)
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