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How are you sleeping/coping?


Re: How are you sleeping/coping?

  • Thanks for all of the replies! He is doing a little better at night. I still wonder about the reflux, but the pediatrician didn't seem too concerned.   I think ive been able to sleep through some of the grunting when he isn't really awake yet which helps me.  Unfortunately, naps don't happen for me as much during the day bc I have a 2 year old - I do manage about an hour while both boys are asleep in the afternoon. I'm still struggling with how much to let him nurse at night because he gulps so much down and then spits it all back up if he has just eaten.  He has even projectile vomited a few times which freaks me out (ped said he is just getting too much milk and not burping enough). I also raised the one end of his bassinet with some books under the legs and alternate between that and the rock n play. Hope everyone else is getting some sleep ...
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