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How much do u pay for Endometrin?

If you don't have insurance what are you paying for Endometrin? I just paid $175 for one box and that was with a manufacturer coupon. My next box will be $225. Yikes!
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Re: How much do u pay for Endometrin?

  • I needed 90 (a one month supply) and they told me about $700. I can't afford that, so I'm going to continue the pio. My RE was trying to switch me bc I'm getting huge itchy red lumps, but I'm stuck doing the pio twice a day for a while. 

    I couldn't get ins to cover it even though it's to sustain my pregnancy, and i can't continue pio (which was covered). 

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  • I paid $275 for two boxes- each box included 21 "inserts".
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  • Hey ladies! Though I don't use Endometrin anymore, I did have to buy it for my fresh cycle. According to my receipt I paid $291 for 42 (I got two boxes). I got some sort of discount called "heart plus savings", not sure what that is. Hope this helps!
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  • I was on PIO, but it was so debilitating for me. I could barely get in and out of the car or sit in chairs. I had hard nodules on my hips. So the RE switched me to endometrium. The pharmacy called me though, to tell me that the prescription was $900 with a discount and wouldn't be covered by insurance. When I told the RE, she said they might stop prescribing it if it's that expensive! She switched me to progesterone 200mg suppositories 3 times a day, which insurance covered with just a $15 copay. I am soooo relieved to be free from the PIO shots. I can walk and drive and do yardwork again!
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