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UTI Meds While Nursing

Okay, having a little panic moment here. Almost 4 weeks after giving birth, I started feeling symptoms of a UTI today and tried to overcome it by drinking a ton of water and flushing it out. Well its after midnight now and the discomfort was too much to sleep with. I have had UTIs before and have Azo on hand for pain management until I can visit the dr for antibiotics. I'm guessing that because I'm still new to this I popped the Azo without a second thought and did not realize it might not be safe when breastfeeding until I was snuggling with baby girl. Does anyone have any information about Azo and nursing? I'm getting mixed answers from Google!

Re: UTI Meds While Nursing

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    I don't have any information but you can try to call a 24 hour pharmacy and ask a pharmacist. They have always been very helpful with OTC products for me!  Hope you feel better soon, UTIs suck!!
  • I hate postpartum UTIs. After dealing with the symptoms on and off for a week, I broke down and went in. I am currently on Macrobid. Nothing else helps me but antibiotics.
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  • Azo does nothing to treat UTI it just for symptom relief. Not established as safe (doesn't mean it's dangerous, just not proven safe) in breastfeeding so I wouldn't take anymore. Get in touch with your health care provider for antibiotics. Only way to get rid of the infection. 
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