Cervix length with twins. (Tw)

Do any of you out there have a history with a shortening cervix? I'm currently 15w 6d with twins. I just had my 3rd cervix length check and I was measuring 3.47, which I know is still good but the two previous weeks I was 4.1. The doctor basically told me there's nothing they can do for me and told me if it does continue to shorten just prepare myself for another loss. I left my appointment in tears. This particular mfm practice won't place cerclages with multiple pregnancies. 
I'm currently on progesterone suppositories which he said is the only thing they would do for me anyways. 

I had a loss at 16 weeks previous with a single baby. They still don't know what caused me to lose her, but don't believe it was incompetent cervix. 

Re: Cervix length with twins. (Tw)

  • I know every situation is different, but in my case I typically measure right at 3.4 cm, in both my single and twin pregnancies. I dropped to 2.9 at my last appointment (31 weeks) and am hoping to make it to 35 weeks with the twins. My son came at 37 weeks. I have been monitored every 2 weeks throughout...are they planning on doing regular cervical checks? 
    As I said, everyone is different, but for me the short length has not been an issue. Best of luck!!
  • They're monitoring me weekly for at least the next 4 weeks.  The past two weeks I've been over 4cm. I am so scared to lose these babies. I just don't know where to get a second/third opinion at in my area. The doctor that I saw yesterday was just a jerk that made my anxiety skyrocket. 
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  • I had a shortening of the cervix and some funneling around week 26, I believe. I was told bed rest wouldn't really help anything. They also wouldn't cerclage as it was too late on the pregnancy. We just had to wait it out. 
    They repeated the cervix checks for awhile until I was too far along for it to really tell them much. 
    I watched when the tech did measurements and we agreed it would funnel and shorten when my DD, who was head down, would be pushing her head down into it. We explained it to my doctor and she agreed it was a possibility. Maybe look to see if this *could* be it? Or at least causing a bit of the issue?
    I'm sorry, I don't remember the lengths anymore to compare for you and I'm extremely sorry for your loss.
    For us, the cervix ended up not being an issue. My blood pressure spiked and they found out I had preeclampsia at 35 w 4 d and needed a c section right away. 

    I hope everything works out for you. You'll be in my thoughts. I'd look into your insurance to try and find another mfm around you for another opinion. 
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