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Change at 6-7 weeks ?

Has anyone else noticed a change around 6 weeks in thier LO? DD seems to sleep way more almost like when she was 2 weeks.  She also spits up more , 1-2 times after each feeding. I'm trying to figure out if it's positional or if something else is going on.  Shes also a little more fussy but I think it comes with the territory as she is taking in more of her surroundings.   I'm finding it difficult to fit in tummy time because she will spit up if I do it right after feeding but is sleeping soon after eating . She needs the tummy time because the right side of her head is getting flat !! I'm just having her nap on me to take the pressure off of her head but getting nothing done around the house !

Any one else experiencing this ? It started around 6 weeks , she's now 7 weeks. 

Re: Change at 6-7 weeks ?

  • My LO has started sleeping more in the past week as well. He will be 7 weeks on Friday. I am putting it down to a growth spurt. For tummy time I let him fall asleep on my chest. He will push himself up for 10-15 minutes before falling asleep, then I transfer him to a bouncer. On the spitting up, have you tried burping LO halfway through a feeding? That seems to help my son most of the time. Good luck and I hope the sleepy phase doesn't last forever :)
  • I have experienced the opposite.  Mine just turned 7 weeks, and all her good sleeping went out the window.  She is constantly hungry, eating for short intervals and then demanding more 10 minutes later.  She is waking me up every hour or so at night.  I wish she would go back to nice long feeds and nice long sleeps!
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  • This made me feel better! My LO seems to be coming out of this little funk.

    From The Bump: "Why Is Baby So Cranky This Week?" https://www.thebump.com/a/why-is-baby-cranky-this-week https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id568940747?mt=8
  • @Cricket99 I was doing the same as you for tummy time but then my dr said it has to be a less than 35 degree angle to count.... 
  • @Cricket99  Yes we are definitely burping like 3 to 4 times a feed 

    @KFrob  thanks for sharing!!! That describes LO to a T

  • My baby has actually gotten *less* cranky/fussy this week. Her awake time has been much more productive, and I can actually read to her, sing, or do tummy time rather than just soothing her crying or her falling asleep right away after each feeding. 
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