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Hi Everyone! First post! Wow, how did I end start on "the knot" and end up here haha!

Hi ladies! I seriously can't believe that my husband and I are just about to start TTC this year. I've been on BC for 10+ years and it is scary just thinking about being off it. We would like to start TTC in July when we have our last vacation for a while, since we will be saving for a baby instead of Hawaii. I ( I mean we) are so confused still about how long I need to stop BC before we get pregnant. I've had friends who stopped and 2 weeks later they were pregnant, others had to wait months. So I have my last pill planned in mid to late June. If all goes well we will conceive while in July. We want it to be as natural as possible, we won't be tracking my cycles to see when the top days for a boy or a girl would be. It is just really exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing what this year brings on! I honestly feels like yesterday that I was on the discussion boards on the knot looking for wedding help! My how time flies! :)
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Re: Hi Everyone! First post! Wow, how did I end start on &quot;the knot&quot; and end up here haha!

  • I don't think that tracking your cycle is going to help you conceive a specific gender... It can just help you know when you are likely ovulating. If you want to conceive so soon after stopping birth control, tracking your cycles is a good idea. I plan to track mine when the time is right for me. I hope you have good luck! :)
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    I just went off BC after 10 years this Valentines day so begin TTC in July when DH returns from deployment. I stopped this early because I wanted to give my body time to regulate and now it's looking like I may have ovulated already, which is a COMPLETE surprise. It could easily be a fluke and things don't always go as planned so make sure you're open to the possibility of your body not being ready to TTC right in July. Otherwise, time does fly by and I wish you luck (and a great vacation!). :)

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  • Welcome and good luck! It took my body a couple of cycles to regulate once I came off the pill.  We had decided to stop BC in July and started trying in September.

    DH and I are going to start trying (for #3) in July as well!  
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    Tracking your cycles does not guarantee a quick conception period, nor does it help you conceive one gender over another. If you take a look at the TTGP board, you'll see plenty of women who have been temping, using OPKs, and having regular sex - but are way past their first few cycles. No matter what day you actually conceived - your chances of each gender is 50/50.

    Even with doing everything "right", it can take a healthy couple up to a year to conceive. Remember that.

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  • I agree with @izza2  While it's possible to conceive in July, there's only a 20% chance. Plus, not tracking your cycles sets you up for confusion and disappointment if you happen to have a longer than normal cycle. I recommend lurking on the TTGP board and learning what those ladies are doing. There's nothing unnatural about knowing if or when you ovulate.
    All that talk about having sex on a certain day to predict gender is pretty much crap. Especially since you don't know you ovulate until after the fact. 
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