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Bipolar and ADHD

Hey mommas. I am a FTM expecting a baby boy due in June. I have bipolar disorder and ADHD and have been off all my meds since ttc. I suffered from severe ms in first trimester and never really bounced back from it. I'm 25+5 now and my depression phase is in full swing. All I ever want to do is sleep. I feel so depressed and anxious and overwhelmed. And my ADHD is getting worse. 

The the meds I was on before (abilify, brintellix, and vyvanse) are not meds I can take while pregnant or breastfeeding. I have been researching what meds are safe but haven't quite come up with anything helpful yet. 

If any of you have suggestions for antipsychotics, antidepressants, and adhd meds that are pregnancy and specifically breastfeeding friendly, I would love some feedback!! 

Re: Bipolar and ADHD

  • SSRIs (Zoloft, Prozac) are most commonly prescribed for depression during pregnancy. Zoloft is also generally considered safe during nursing.  I am not familiar with antipsychotics or ADHD meds.  My SIL suffered from post-partum mania and had to stop breastfeeding to go on Lithium. 

    Not ot breastfeeding or BFing for only a short time is not the end of the world!  A happy healthy mom is more important than giving a baby breastmilk.  You can also look into using donor milk, just search Human Milk for Human Babies on Facebook to find a local group. 
  • I would call the Infant Risk Center. It looks like their website is under maintenance, but they have a number you can call during business hours. The center was founded by Dr. Thomas Hale who is the expert on what's safe to take when pregnant or bf'ing. They can answer your questions and offer suggestions of what you can take. 
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  • I went off Vyvanse, Lamictal and Zoloft since TTC and am still off them now at 7 months PP, I've been lucky. We were watching symptoms during pregnancy because I would have gone back on Zoloft if needed, it's one where benefits outweigh the risks. I am not aware of a mood stabilizer that's safe to use, nor any ADHD med. But, I'm not a pharmacist. I'd definitely recommend getting back to some old school CBT during your pregnancy, especially if you're having a hard time.

    Best wishes to you. 
  • You can take Magnesium supplements too. My husband has ADHD and it calms him down PLUS it's good brain food for the baby! I've been taking it in the hopes that she doesn't inherit his ADHD. 
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