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Attn: STM! Pregnancy after csection

how long did you wait to get pregnant after having a csection? We're your pregnancies different after a csection than before? Did anyone try for and succeed in a VBAC? We want to have our kids close together but now I'm scared to ever get pregnant again because I don't know what to expect. I've read to wait at least 6 months but that even seems really fast!! Just looking for personal experiences! Thank you in advance!! 

Re: Attn: STM! Pregnancy after csection

  • No experience but I always thought the rule of thumb was that it's best to wait 18 months after a c section 
  • Well my cousin had two kids in 2015. She delivered both via c section on  Jan. 6 and Dec 25.
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  • Our girls and 2 years apart, both C sections. I personally did not have any issues. Recovery for my second seemed way easier, but chasing a toddler around really helped to stay active throughout the whole pregnancy. My doctor recommended to wait at least a year to give my body enough time to heal. 
    I love being pregnant and would do it again tomorrow if it happens, but we are liking the 2 year age gap so we are going to wait a bit
  • 18 months is the general recommendation between pregnancies regardless of delivery method (vaginal or c section) and has nothing to do with having a c section. 

    I asked this same question at my 6 week appointment. My doctor recommended that I wait so that there are at least 12 months between deliveries, but she will allow me to attempt VBAC at any time provided that the subsequent pregnancy is conducive to it. This was also after she checked my incision and healing, so perhaps her recommendation was based on my healing and that I am an excellent candidate for VBAC (I was not in labor, but was actively dilating and fully effaced, LO's cord was around her neck twice, tightly which caused her heartrate to dip while being monitored due to bright red bleeding). 

    Keep in mind that your medical provider will need to be on board with you attempting VBAC and that there are many other risk factors that would prevent TOLAC (such as reasoning for 1st c section, induction, etc). One study suggests that TOLAC and a pregnancy interval of less than 6 months does increase risk of uterine rupture.

    Here are some great links --

  • m6tonner said:
    Yikes! Good for you, mama, you're a stronger woman than me! I made an appointment for an IUD today, noooo part of me wants to do this again any time soon!
    I feel you ! 
  • My sons are almost 3 years apart, but we started trying for the second after our first turned one. I believe that 12-18 months is the standard to ensure that everything has healed up properly. 

    The differences in my two pregnancies were all pregnancy related opposed to the physical state of my uterus. My original scar stretched a little and that kind of hurt sporadically, but other than that there were no differences. As long as you heal up properly and well, there shouldn't be any issues.
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  • Lurking from D15

    My midwife told me it wasn't safe to get pregnant again for a year after my c section. She insisted on effective birth control because of the risks. I won't personally be ready then, but I trust her medical opinion.
  • Like @ariasbabyblog my scar stretched and stung. That was the only noticeable difference in pregnancy. My vbac failed, 20 hours of natural labor with no change in my cervix. My pelvis does not allow for decent. That being said my recovery was harder this 2nd time. With my first c-section I did not get the chance to labor. Labor on top surgery is a doozy add caring for a Newborn and and older sibling, I'm done. I will not be having a third c section. I now have numbness in patches above and below  my new scar
  • #2 was a repeat c (2.5 years after #1)
    #3 was a VBA2C (3.5 years after #2)
    #4 was a VBA2C (5 years after #3)

    my pregnancies were all similar in the sense I had no issues. (Except this last guy was 9 and a half pounds! Had I known that, I would have opted for a repeat c ;) )
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  • I waited 15 months. However,  my OB and my fertility specialist would even allow for 6 months. I did fall pregnant 6 months postpartum by mistake and it unfortunately ended up being an ectopic. I found out later recent abdominal surgery can increase your risks of one. Good news is that at 13 months postpartum we did our 2nd IVF which took and I successfully gave birth via VBAC :)
    Good luck!
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