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Winning Wednesday

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Re: Winning Wednesday

  • @Blueyedsky have fun!!! I've been going back and forth on getting a mom cut. DH loves short hair and is super excited about the idea, but I also love my long hair.  :|
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  • Im going next week for a haircut. Probably stick with shoulder length because I'm a chicken..right now it is long enough for baby to grab if I ever wear it down..ouch!
  • Baby girl and i! She's been fussy and restless. I stopped eating diary and she's much better! I love fancy cheese and yogurt but not as much as my daughter. Also my mom is here cleaning my house while my stepdad bathes my dogs
  • I can now go places with my lil man without major anxiety or issues. We went to visit my coworkers and first grade class yesterday and stayed two hours...then stopped by the store! (too bad I can't take him to work when I return)
  • It's 4:30 AM and LO just spit up in the crib (big time) but didn't get any on himself or wake himself up. I turned him around so his feet are where the spit up puddle is. #mommyforthewin #notchangingsheetsat4:30 #dontwakethebeast
  • Just slept for almost three hours straight during her worst time of the day! I'm basically wide awake now due to the unexpected rest but who cares! Yay sleep!!!
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