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Identical twins and glasses...

Over the summer, both twins had their eyes checked for school. One had a slight prescription but not enough for glasses; we were just warned to watch him.  We have been seeing signs of needing glasses and today, we found out that he is far-sighted and needs glasses.  His identical twin brother is not showing the same signs, but the eye doctor mentioned that she felt it would be worth it to check him again because many identical twins have very similar prescriptions.  Anybody have any experience with this?  They are so different in allergies and medical diagnoses, that I never thought vision would be similar.

Side point...their teachers and friends are very excited to have one in glasses so they could tell them apart.
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Re: Identical twins and glasses...

  • My identical girls are 5 and were recently diagnosed as extremely far sighted (the eye doc wondered how they were not cross eyed).  They wear the same glasses prescriptions.  The good news is that they chose different colored frames, so no one confuses them anymore!
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