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Over wearing a bra

My baby is 7 weeks old today and I've had to wear a bra every second (except showering) since he was born. If I don't have a bra on with nursing pads in it at all times, I'm drenched in milk. Any other mamas out there feel my pain? What are you sleeping in to avoid waking up soaked?

Re: Over wearing a bra

  • I wear cozy bras and other comfy bras with no padding or underwire. Comfy to me! 
  • I feel this way about underwear. Not to do too much TMI, but I HATE side seams, since I'm a  side sleeper, so usually I bypass them. Unfortunately, with all the gnarly things happening down there, I've gotta wear something.
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  • Me! So tired of bras but so leaky that i cant skip it. I dont want to think about how im supposed to dress for work in a few weeks. 
  • What about a nursing tank with a built in shelf bra and nursing pads stuck in?  I think I wore an actual bra 3 times in the last 7 weeks.  I've been living in the old navy nursing tanks.  They offer very little support, and my boobs look like a hot mess, but I am comfy and don't give a shit.  I recently bought a more serious nursing tank from glamourmom 
  • I am doing what @emzie54 does some nights. I'm so glad the bleeding stopped so I can go without undies! I hated it. 
  • @emzie54 Amen to the shelf bras! My boobs hurt so badly if I wear a real bra too long. I also have soaked myself multiple times with and without breast pads. I have resigned myself to smelling like sour milk for at least the next 6 months...
  • I have a couple of those tanks but the nursing pads move in there and i was having some nipple chafing. (Put that on list of things I never thought I'd say) 
  • Yup I feel your pain! 
    I ended up getting a minor yeast infection under my boobs because I was CONSTANTLY wearing a bra 
  • @emzie54 me too! One reason I am dreading going back to work is having to wear bras again! I have big boobs and I have just been wearing either nursing tanks that were given to me or tanks with the built ins day and night. I'm not sure if it is because they are on the tighter side at the top but the actual nursing tanks are pretty supportive and have spent time out with just that with a flowy shirt over top and felt fine with it. 
  • Me! So tired of bras but so leaky that i cant skip it. I dont want to think about how im supposed to dress for work in a few weeks. 
    Me too, exactly!
    I've also been wearing nothing but black tops so my leaking isn't too obvious, but that's not going to be doable once I go back to work. 
  • I will wear tighter shirts and tanks and use the nursing pads with the sticky backs then i let them free. I can't handle a bra every night. I have one really comfy nursing bra but sometimes you have to just let your boobs be free!
  • I have bravado nursing bras. They are awesome and Comfy and make wearing a bra 24/7 a little easier. I change my pads daily at least also BC I leak a lot. 
    Im a 36c typically and I wear a S+ 

  • @ainverso I am also loving my bravado nursing bra.  I went to work the other day for a few hours and couldn't just let it all hangout.  I am totally shocked that I feel supported by them (38h + no underwire = no bueno).  I also think it doesn't do the uniboob thing.
  • I am wearing my pre-pregnancy tank tops that no longer fit like a shirt. They work like a stretchy bra. I couldn't wear it out because there is no coverage or support but it's easy to feed my baby by popping a boob out the top and is tight enough to hold a pad in place. I bought expensive nursing bras but I just can't sleep in them anymore.
  • I third the Bravado bras. They were a game changer for me! Huge quality of life improvement. I'm a 40D and wear the large.
  • It's why I can't wait to be done nursing, I hate nursing bras. So uncomfortable. I used to soak through pads every day and night until I went back to work. My supply is dwindling. 
  • I started our bf and would leak like crazy! I went to target.com and bought night time nursing bras. They're like sports bras but super easy to get your boob out of when baby is hungry. So comfy I stayed in those the first few weeks. 
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