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I know there is a lot of discussion regarding the different class options. Bradley, Hypnobirthing, Hypnobabies, Birthing from Within, etc.  All the classes in my area are $350-400 and are 6 week sessions 3 hours a piece. My husband said he would be however involved as I want him to be, but honestly, he's really going through something (emotional) and doesn't want to do anything at all besides work (very demanding job on his feet all day with 3-4 hour commute), eat, and watch TV. I am hesitant to put any additional pressure on him at all, but want him to be informed about birth.

That being said, I can't make up my mind about classes. I really don't want to go through hours of nutrition classes with Bradley and really just want pain management techniques. Also, a lot of these classes imply judgement if you feel pain and don't end up giving birth on a bed of roses while orgasming (I never knew that was possible). I am thinking I could buy the Hypnobabies CDs, do private hypnosis with my therapist (who is covered by my insurance), and then how should I inform my husband on any nuances?

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Re: Class options

  • I took Bradley. I did find the nutrition, anti-ultrasound, and semi anti-vaccination aspects of it annoying, but I think those things depend on your instructor a lot. It was nice to have such a long, 12 week course to prepare. I think just having to GO to class each week helped me focus on preparing for the birth, but I don't know that I used any of the Bradley techniques in my labor to be honest. My birth was amazing, but for me, I wished I took a class that focused more on breathing. Bradley doesn't. I think hypnobirthing may have been better.

    As for how informed your husband should be, that's a personal preference, but I personally think that your husband should be 100% informed on everything. Not even necessarily for YOUR sake, but for his. I think if he doesn't know what's going on during the labor he might freak/stress out and therefore not be a good partner for you. Having a baby is crazy, and if your man is prepared and knows what it's really going to be like, then he can properly support you (or at the very least not get in your way!)
  • I did the hynpobabies homestudy with my first baby and loved it. I plan to use it again this pregnancy. It's been a little while but I feel like there were guides on what to talk to DH about and how the approach it. It acknowledges that it may or may not be painless, depending on the person but explained a lot of why it hurts and a little about what can help. I would suggest looking into other pain management techniques as well just in case it doesn't help as much as you'd like it to.

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