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TW Tuesday

who/what is being a twatwaffle today
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Re: TW Tuesday

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    Plugged ducts. Efffffff youuuuuuu!!!! Babe had a decent sleep last night but I did not thanks to those twatwaffles. Doesn't help that the only way to get babe to sleep involves jiggling, rocking, and bouncing in a way that puts more pressure on my boobs - I think this is how I got the plugged duct in the first place. Faaaack!
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    Baby acne is a TW! I've been gently washing babe's face with a clean, warm cloth twice a day, plus her baths about twice a week but her face is so broken out! She's got a real nasty pimple under her lip, right where her pacifier sits. So now, she wants her pacifier, but gets mad and spits it out, I'm guessing because it's uncomfortable!
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    I agree with @BarrettJ89! We've got a bad case of baby acne as well. To make matters worse, he has cradle cap that has extended down onto his face, neck, shoulders, and chest. We've got medicine to put on it because the dr said it most likely itches. Poor guy!
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    Weirdo little skin bumps are a TW. My girl has tiny bumps that you can barely see, but I can feel all over her tummy and back. Is it a rash? Is it an allergic reaction to something? What are you little bumps?
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    Our babysitter is a TW because today she told me she won't be able to babysit for us. Apparently she has arthritis and it's gotten bad, so it's for the best. We're on zero waiting lists and not sure what place we could even pretend to afford.

    **she's actually a nice lady

    ETA- I agree baby acne is also a TW, DS's gets better only to get worse the next day.  :(
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    Baby acne over here too...damn TW. I'm sure when we go out of town this weekend the family will be making comments like it's something I can even do anything about, especially my husbands side. Dr said it can last up to 4 months! ! 
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    For baby acne make sure you are using a mild soap. Many baby washes aren't mild enough and actually strip their skin of moisture which in turn will cause their body to over produce oil to compensate. I use Olay Quench body wash but that's me. Go for something like Dove Unscented or Olay Quench or Ivory or whatever you like. I also like using coconut oil as a moisturizer. A little bit goes a long way!
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    My son had both baby acne and eczema.   His pediatrician suggested cleansing the area with just a wet washcloth and then applying aquaphor once or twice a day.   His skin looked better in less than a day and was completely clear before the week was out.  She specifically said not to use soap.  She said I could use any lubricant,  but I love aquaphor.  It's pricey but it's magical.
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    @PedsIsHardcore for the coconut oil, do you put it on and wash it off or leave it on. I've read coconut oil helps but haven't tried it yet.
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