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How's everyone doing on sleep?

Just wanted to know if anyone else has had any luck with sleep.  My LO is down to 1 motn feeding and it's made a huge difference.  He has his night time bottle at 8pm and I rock him to sleep with the sleep machine and this thing that lights up stars all over the room. It really helps him zone out and gives me enough light to not step on a plastic toy on my way out. He sleeps in the crib about 2 hours and then I just take him to my bed. My husband refuses to sleep train, acts like I've left him to the wolves if he cries in his crib for 2 minutes.  Smh. My mom also said she can't handle sleep training and my dad already said he can't help but pick him up if he cries. So cosleeping works for now. I hope everyone else is having some improvement in the sleep dept.

Re: How's everyone doing on sleep?

  • My LO was waking every 2 hours for the past two months.  He is 6 months this Thursday.  Last night we decided to put his bassinet in his room and he slept 6 hours before he woke up!   I finally got a few hours of sleep. Hopefully we can start transition to crib soon.  He naps in crib some but not consistently since husband and I both work.  He naps in pack and play at SIL.  Thought maybe putting him in room in his familiar cozy bassinet would get him used to the room at night.  He did great!  He has always put himself to sleep at the start of the night but needs a little help during the night.  However last night he put himself back to sleep once.  I had to get up the other time.  Far stretch from every two hours.  Hope tonight goes as well!!! I'm so used to the two hours that I kept waking up on my lol.  I'm sure that will change if he continues with the new pattern.  Hope everyone gets some all needs rest! 
  • Girl no. My DD either hates sleep or misses me so much during the day she wants to stay up at night with me. This kid never sleeps. Ever. We tried sleep training. Epic fail. Right now I only get sleep if she's co sleeping. She's 6 months this week. Last night she was up at 11 when I got home from work. Then 2,4,6 and up at 8. Fun times. 

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  • To answer your post, I'M NOT. Or rather, we're not. LO is the picture of health, per the pediatrician, but he refuses to sleep longer than 30 minute naps during the day (4 naps/day) and his night time is waking up every 2-4 hours or so. We've even shelled out money on the Merlin Magic SleepSuit - didn't work. We use white noise, paci, lovey, lavender oil massage, earlier bedtime, later bedtime, to no avail. LO is finally "sleeping" in his crib in his own room, and one night we got 6 hours but that happened once. I am so cracked out all day, all night, every day and haven't slept more than 5 hours since I was pregnant! Pedi gave us the green light to CIO and we're going for it next weekend. NurseRieger you're down to 1 MOTN feeding? Did that happen organically or did you purposely wean?
  • Well I spoke to soon.  We had a great night when we put him in own room the other night and I had hoped that was going to make a difference.  I've been up every hour so far since I put him to bed at 630pm last night.  
  • @ERININSYDNEY He dropped his own feeding. He was consistently waking up for a feeding around midnight and 4am. Sometimes as late as 1 and 5. I had read in Ferber's book about nighttime weaning.  I thought because he was taking a full 6oz bottle he needed it but I started 4oz motn bottles and he would just go back to sleep. I'm up for his bottle now and it's about 3am. I didn't see how pushing back a bottle was even possible nor did I like the idea of withholding a bottle from a hungry baby so I just waited figuring eventually he would stop when he was ready. Maybe because he's eating more solids now or he's just reaching a deeper state of sleep at night.
  • My DD went to two wake ups starting around 11w until she was just over 3mo. I heard around 3m they start to sleep better until the 4mo sleep regression. Well just after 3mo she had one night where she only woke once. It was fantastic! I reveled in the fact that I might finally sleep more than 4 consecutive hours. 

    Well dd had other plans and that one night with one wake up was her way of playing mind games. Ever since that night she is now waking every 1-2hrs. I feel like I have a newborn again. She's 15w so I'm hoping she's doing the sleep regression thing now and that she will at least drop back to two wake ups. 
  • My LO just turned 12 weeks and 98% of the time just wakes up once to eat around 4 or 5 am. After that he'll wake up around 7 or 8 am for the day. He has been doing so since around 8 weeks. I am DREADING this 4 mo regression I hear about...
  • My LO just turned 12 weeks and 98% of the time just wakes up once to eat around 4 or 5 am. After that he'll wake up around 7 or 8 am for the day. He has been doing so since around 8 weeks. I am DREADING this 4 mo regression I hear about...
    Me too- LO is asleep around 10pm solidly (or at least  too quietly to wake me or DH) until 6am when I get up for work.  Oh, that the bliss might last :smile: 
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    Sleep here was terrible. LO is just about 5 months old, and since she was 3 months old she has been up hourly (longest stretch 2 hours). Almost 2 months of it and it was getting worse. She was constantly overtired and rarely happy, we were exhausted and angry, and her sleep associations were becoming stronger. She does sleep unswaddled in her crib which is a bonus though! She started rolling so I do understand us unswaddling contributed to lack of sleep at one point- but now she has been waking after every sleep cycle (4 month wakeful) for over a month for sure. The last week she's been up every 45 minutes and needs to be nursed or rocked back to sleep- and with the rocking she kicks, punches and screams her way through it! We've had 3 doctors checkups with no underlying medical condition contributing to this. We've made the "unpopular" decision of sleep training before 6 months, and it's going great. We're doing the pick up put down method. The first half hour of the first night was hell and she was NOT happy with the change- screaming kicking punching etc. The last time we put her down in the crib during that pickup/put down session she didn't cry (she was awake) and went to sleep with a smile on her face. She only wokeup for 2 feeds that night (as opposed to 6+) and only had to do pickup/put down two more times overnight which lasted less than 10 minutes each. I followed through with naps the next day not to confuse her- only one nap was a big struggle but otherwise she went down happy and woke up happy, and naps are longer. I'm a happy mama again :smile: 

    ETA: hubby and I were both on board with this method because we didn't feel like we were leaving her to cry by herself. She's fallen asleep a few times independently so we knew she could do it- she just has a very strong preference to be nursed to sleep. There was a lot of crying- learning how to fall asleep independently is a difficult thing to learn, and a change in the way you fall asleep after sleeping a certain way your whole life is big. I suppose we were more confident in our decision because although she was crying, we were there to reassure her and comfort her through the process and didn't feel like we left her alone to figure It out for herself. I suppose it's more of a gentle "sleep training" approach and it worked very well for us :smile: 
  • My sleep has gotten alot better since the first few weeks. LO usually got up a few times a night for feedings which was tiring but vital due to EBF. For a while he didn't nap well during the day. I couldn't get anything done because he would sleep for 20min here and there throughout the day. So I started to get into the routine of EASY. Eat, activity, sleep, you time. Babies like knowing what to expect and what comes next so this helped alot. Since I started that he sleeps better during the day. Now that he's doing better I don't stay on track with EASY 100%. Make sure baby is getting enough to eat during the day and before bed. He could be waking a lot because he is hungry. I read somewhere but forget where I found it, that the better baby sleeps and eats during the day, the better he will sleep at night. It didn't say to overfeed of course. Now he is usually up once between 2 and 4am for a feeding then goes back to sleep till about 630. The first night i started him on rice cereal, he slept from 930 to 630. So that was a great night of sleep! His bed time is about 9pm every night. Also during the day if I put him down for a nap and he wakes up like 10 minutes later, I will rock him back to sleep. Usually he is back to sleep within 10 minutes. If he's not then I know he wants to stay awake. It's important to watch for babies cues as to when he is tired etc. Once he gets over tired, he will fight it and that will make a cranky baby! I hope all of your sleep progresses and gets better! If you ever need someone to talk to or advice, I'll be glad to help as much as possible!
  • Our 14 week old is sleeping from 9-9, with 3-4 cat naps of 45-60 minutes through out the day. She currently sleeps in our room in a pack and play, we've stopped swaddling and she uses her soother to get to sleep.
  • I feel your pain! Every time we have a great night, I think that we've got it figured out, and then the next night is pure hell. This mommy stuff is hard. :(
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