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Help please 9month son sleeps in bed with us

My 9 month son still sleeps in bed with us. How do I get him too sleep in his own crib in his own room. Any ideas would help!!! I stay at home with him and he's constantly wanting too bed held he freaks out if we live the room sometimes. I've heard hes gonns cry constantly all night &idk what too do. Too me that's so sad and I feel like I'm just gonna end up goin back in his room and picking him up.. 

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Re: Help please 9month son sleeps in bed with us

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  • When you checked in on him, did you stay in the room for a few minutes . I've read you're not suppose too pick them up or jus stay in there. It's so stressful doin all this becaise its soooo sad having too hear him cry but it's definitely time.
  • Do you not want him to sleep with you anymore? Honestly I got a lot of crap for it but my first DD slept with us until she was well over 2. Then someone gave her a brand new sleeping bag she wanted to use, so we stuck her in it in her own bed. She's been there ever since. She was ready for the move so there was no tears about it. Everyone has there own way and you need to do what is best for you. Personally I could never do any of the cry it out business. I figure they are only tiny for such a short time and eventually they want their own space. Worked so well the first time we are doing it again. Oh and babies go thru periods of separation anxiety, you just have to live with it and provide lots of comfort and reassurance and remember this phase will pass too. 
  • 2 things:
    1) are you bf? we had horrible nights for around 4m-9m because my child was so sensitive to beans. they make him sooo gassy and gas drops only helped a little. i never would have thought beans would be a problem. also if i have even a little caffeine we will be up all night.
    2) no cry sleep solution by elizabeth pantley, i found a pdf online for free. i still let our 9mo sleep in the bed but was having problems getting him to take naps. the advice in the book worked well and it even helped make bedtime better. we didn't want to cry it out and we haven't.  

    also have you tried wearing your baby or expanding his play area to stop him from crying when he's awake  
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