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Bleeding- need support.

Hey guys. 

I was reading through and saw some posts on bleeding but I need some reassurance. Please don't post"talk to your doctor" because I am. 
So today I am 5wks 2 days preggers and got a sudden and quick rush of blood. It was bright red with no clots. After the first rush I just bled very spotty for about an hour. I went to the ultrasound and they said that it was too early to say for sure what the baby is doing but I went to go get blood work done. Haven't gotten the results back. Obviously I am thinking the worst but has anyone had a similar experience. And what happened good or bad. I'm trying to keep my mind at rest until the results are in but it's difficult...

Re: Bleeding- need support.

  • did you have cramps, are you still bleeding?
  • Yes cramps but no not still bleeding. 

    I know I had a miscarriage. My body gsm completely stopped everything
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  • I'm sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, with early tests nowadays, women have to experience loss much earlier in pregnancy (before anything can even be detected via ultrasound). Keep your head up and take care! Positive vibes your way!
  • Unfortunately, the same thing happened to me (at 5w2d too). I had a gush of blood then nothing. The next day I started bleeding with big clots. :( 

    Good luck, I really hope it was just a fluke!

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