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Elective Induction???

I'm currently 39 weeks and considering an elective induction next week because we just got word that my husband will be deploying VERY soon.

I'm hopeful that our boy will come on his own, but realistically, the longer he is in there, the greater the possibility that daddy won't be here (or will have only a few days with us). 

My EDD is Feb 29th according to ultrasound scans. Although, I know my conception date and it would put my due date at Feb 17th. I'm certain of the conception date. With either due date, I feel safe about his being developed enough.

This is also the 3rd kid and we live overseas. So I would be completely alone with no family or help. I'm kinda freaking out about it.

Re: Elective Induction???

  • It cut off the rest of my post...

    I asked if anyone had any advice, comments or opinions to help me?

    This is a hard decision. I either risk induction and possible complications or I let him come in his own time and risk daddy missing everything. I'm so torn!
  • It seems like you are already aware of the risks and I can totally empathize with wanting your DH there but if there is no medical concern with waiting personally I'd wait. Maybe a sweep would be helpful? 
  • The baby is fine at this point. I would say do it. Of course with the ok from your doctor. 
  • I would really really stress all the natural inductions ways. If those aren't working then you know baby isn't ready yet. I can't imagine how hard a decision this is but in my mind giving your baby a tiny bit more developed start to life will be something you wouldn't regret.

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    My husband is in the military so I definitely understand, he actually was deployed when our first was born. Even though I asked to be induced with my second and third baby (due to size) I chose to wait until my fourth baby was ready on his own. I did have great experiences being induced. But definitly be aware of the risks because you do higher your chances of a c-section etc. Its all up to you guys but I guess in these circumstances I would also probably set up an induction date after my 40w. Good luck. 
  • Thanks ladies. I had an appointment today and my doc did a sweep. He feels it's safe to induce and said my cervix is 2-3cm and very soft making it favorable for induction. He has discussed the risks but he also said that he feels I will likely not have any problems. 

    We we are waiting to see if the sweep does anything, but if not, we are planning for induction on Friday (as of right now, I may change my mind). We are hopeful that little man will come on his own before Friday, but we will see. 

    Thanks for for the feedback and encouragement.
  • Hopefully the sweep works. I was 39w4d and had mine done. It was 3 in the afternoon. I went into labor the next morning at 4am. 

    Thinking happy, labor thoughts for you!! 
  • I had the sweep done last Thursday at 11:45am, was 39weeks exactly. I was 3cm and about 80 percent and ended up having him at 3:14pm that same day. I didn't even make it to my normal hospital and I missed the epidural! Good luck, I certainly understand wanting to be induced! 
  • This post was def. helpful, my doctor and I have been discussing sweeping my membrane three days after my due date and it's a LOT to consider. Good luck and hopefully he comes soon!!
  • Thanks y'all. I got bumped forward a day and will be induced on Thursday morning. I'm so nervous but I feel it's the right decision for us at this point.

    I'm still hoping that he will come on his own before then, but if not, then this is the plan. 

    Good of luck to anyone else still waiting on baby and I hope you don't have to decide about an induction, but if you do, I pray you feel peace about your decision.
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