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Baby farts

Anyone else have a baby that is constantly having really smelly farts? My baby's bathroom patterns recently shifted. He is seven weeks old and went from pooping multiple times a day to once every few days. From what I have read this is normal. But instead of multiple no 2's he is getting giant man farts. I love cuddling all day but it feels like perpetually sitting in a fart cloud...
hoping his tummy regulates and it gets a little better. So many people want to cuddle and I don't want them to think he never gets changed. Whenever I look the diaper is clean but it's happening all day long every day.

Re: Baby farts

  • Our DD also has really stinky gas.  DH keeps asking what I've been eating that makes her so smelly.  This week she's also really started to decrease her number of BM's from a few a day to every few days.  I've read if they are passing gas their system is fine.
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  • Baby girl has some raunchyyy gas. She doesn't fart all that often but when she does you certainly know it. Her BM patterns have also changed...she's 8 weeks now and she doesn't poop as often but almost every time she does it's a blowout :neutral: 
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  • Yessss. This is exactly our baby and he's almost 4 weeks old. It makes him really fussy though since it causes him pain. I'm going to ask the pedi about it at his month appt because the poor guy is in such distress. But we joke that his farts could clear a room if he were bigger. 
  • My little girl will be 6 weeks tomorrow and can already clear a room... Poor thing has even been nicknamed Beans or Beanie because of her "Old Man on Mexican food night" farts...
  • lol Mexican food farts! I've been wondering if it's something that I am eating but it doesn't change if I eliminate things. It must have something to do with the bathroom change. A lot of stuff on the web about less poops after 6 weeks. Some say once a week poo for breastfed babies. It seems like they should be backed up but he doesn't seem in pain.
  • If it makes any difference, my girl is strictly formula-fed now (soy). Personally, I couldn't handle watching her go through so much pain (colic/gas) while I tried to eliminate X, Y, and Z for however long, then move on to the next thing to eliminate in hopes that it might be that... So formula it is. But we still have horrible tummy troubles, and awful smelling farts. 
  • My kid has the toots. Always has. 
    We changed formulas and that helped. Now he just happily farts when he pleases.. Sometimes it's raunchy... Sometimes it's a silent killer and sometimes it's is noisy but lacks oomph.  
    The other day he had the hiccups and he promptly farted and that caused his hiccups to cease- quite hilarious actially. 
    Hes 8wks old and is going once a day ( we have him on probiotic drops) seems to regulate his digestive tract and the "mexican food farts" have calmed down. 
  • DS has always been a farter.  He was strictly breast fed for 2 weeks, then began getting formula.  Now we are on strictly formula (Nutramigen) and he still farts a lot.  It's quite stinky too. Not always, but probably 75% of the time, it's pretty evident he just passed gas, if you walked into the room.  He had no bowel issues for the first few weeks.  Once week 4-7 hit, we were dealing with major gas pains and issues.  He still has them at almost 10 weeks, but they are not half as bad.  He poops now 2-3 times a day, due to the thinner formula. 
  • @teachmegs817 my daughter is also on Nutramigen and her farts haven't stopped either! As a matter of fact, she just had an extremely long one that sounded like a helicopter. 
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