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Coffee & Breastfeeding

I've found contradicting info online and of course it's not a topic in my breastfeeding book. Coffee/caffeine intake-how much is ok? I currently stretch one k cup to a 10 oz cup. I would love to make that 2 k cups per day with my new found 3-4 sleeping hours per night but I can't figure out the caffeine content. Any input is appreciated!

Re: Coffee & Breastfeeding

  • The caffeine content for k cups varies by brand and flavour. I personally stick to one 12 Oz coffee beverage a day but I think the general recommendation is less than 300 mg a day.
  • With my first I limited myself to one cup a day. Nowadays that's laughable. It's usually around 3 cups. Luckily it doesn't seem to affect LO's sleep at all.
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  • I drink one strong cup a day. Don't know how I would function without it:)
  • I have twins and the walking and talking and standing I do couldn't happen without coffee!  Only about 1% of the caffeine in your blood is transferred in milk to your baby, so moderation is fine unless your baby is very sensitive to it. If baby seems awake and irritable, try cutting it out. Otherwise, enjoy and take advantage of any extra energy you can get :)
  • I am with @rah938I drink all the coffee. It brings so much joy to my daily routine. 

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  • I wish I could drink coffee! Every day that I've had coffee, LO got really irritable and fussy  :'(
  • alisongem said:
    I wish I could drink coffee! Every day that I've had coffee, LO got really irritable and fussy  :'(
    Same here.  I'm so tired and would love some caffeine, but LO already doesn't sleep well, so I'm scared the caffeine will make the situation even worse

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    I would talk to your pedi about recommended caffeine intake, but personally I have two cups of coffee every morning and the occasional glass of soda in the afternoon. DD is 11 weeks and I've been doing that most days since she was born and haven't noticed any difference between the days I do and the days I don't have caffeine.
    If it were me I'd go ahead and try the second cup. If you end up miserable because your LO doesn't tolerate it then you just stick to the one, but hopefully it works out.
  • I drink a few cups of caffeine a day and have never noticed a difference in baby. 
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