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Miserable nuchal scan results

hi everyone. I've just returned home devastated after our nuchal scan. We were told there was a nuchal fold of 6mm which wasn't good, the baby's arm hasn't formed properly and the heart and other organs are growing on the outside. My harmony test results came back inconclusive last week so I'm not holding much hope. I'm 42, our last pregnancy was a missed mc due to Edwards syndrome. I'm 12.2 weeks today. Has anyone else had such miserable results? What happened afterwards. It's Sunday here and my OB is uncontactable. So devastated

Re: Miserable nuchal scan results

  • Sorry you are going through this. Hopefully you can talk with your doctor first thing on Monday and get some answers. It may be ectopia cordis, which commonly can also include omphalocele. The prognosis depends on the type and severity, so you'll need to have that conversation with your doc (I'd think you'd be referred to a specialist for a more detailed scan). Wishing you the best and please let us know what you find out. 
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  • So sorry for this. I hope you have received responses since Sunday. Take care of yourself, and thoughts and prayers your way.
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