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List your top 3 favorite things about cloth diapering! (FTM feeling discouraged)

I'm due in May so I haven't even started CD yet.  But, I'm feeling totally discouraged by our choice since EVERYONE I mention it to says one of three things:
1.  Some variation of - it's too much work, you'll give up, it's a mess, more diaper rash, unsanitary, etc
2.  We tried it but it was too hard/too much work so we stopped
3.  Some variation of - you're insane, etc.

So, what are your favorite things about cloth diapering?  Why did you CD and what have you been pleased about with the experience? 

For us, it's not just about the environment and all, but also, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get trash to the landfill already due to conflicting hours/work schedules.  I can't imagine the volume of poopy diapers that would build up in our garage while we waited for our next chance to go - sometimes its 3 months in between!

Re: List your top 3 favorite things about cloth diapering! (FTM feeling discouraged)

  • I'll probably give you more than 3.

    It's less work - I had more leaks and therefore more laundry with my sposied kids.

    It's just a load of laundry every other day.  It's the easiest load to wash and definitely the most fun to fold/put away.

    It's helped save enough money for me to be a sahm.

    Without cloth diapers, I would never have done Dirty Diaper Laundry's flats and handwashing challenge.  It was a lot of fun albeit more work than normal but it gave me an appreciation for my wash machine that I never had before.

    My older two (in sposies) had a lot more diaper rashes than Pip.

    It's better for the child just from the fact that you never feel guilty about changing them immediately after they pee just a little bit.  You never feel like you have to wait until the diaper is full to get your money's worth, to save space in the diaper pail, etc.

    If you look at recent posts here you will find hints as to how to find the rest of the cloth diaper board members - come join us and we will help you love cloth diapers as much as we do.  

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  • Don't feel discouraged! My husband was kind of skeptical at the beginning and now he's convincing his friends to try them! 

    - less long term cost (we plan to use our good diapers with our next little one) 

    - less trash (by A LOT)

    - our LO only gets diaper rashes when he uses disposables (has nerve gotten one in cloth) 

    - it's no more messy than disposables

    - we wash ever 3 days and I dont find it to be much work at all 

    - they're so cute!! 

  • As with previous posters, I have several reasons. Many of which I didn't realize until after lo was born and we got started. Seriously one of the biggest slam dunk parenting decision. But here's the top 3 (at the moment):

    So adorable!!! It's fun choosing which diaper to pair with outfits. Get tons of compliments at storytime. Currently a little obsessed with matching leggings.

    Getting to skip the disposable diaper aisle at the store. So great knowing I am not paying money to add to landfills.

    It feels great changing diapers with soft, natural products against my lo's skin (and not seeing diaper rash on her delicate skin).

    I had a ton of pessimistic people sharing their opinions on cd with me before my lo was born. I am so glad I didn't listen, and bet you will be too. There is so much help on the web for those starting out. Best of luck!

  • If it's what you want to do and you feel it's what's best for your family, you do it. Don't let a few nay-sayers stop you - particularly if their reasons are so ill informed. Next time they say these things, you explain to them why these things are untrue but most importantly, you tell them how their lack of support in your carefully considered and perfectly valid choices are making you feel.

    Nappy rash is caused by leaving baby in a wet/soiled nappy for too long. That happens whether it's cloth or disposable. Cd'ing not only allows air to circulate better but makes it easier to spot a wet nappy. Hence faster change and less chance of rash.

    It's not much more work to cd than to use disposable. Modern cloth nappies are so varied and easy to use even a complete novice can get settled into it relatively quickly. And you just get yourself into a routine

    The one I got a lot was - they will walk funny. Lol. Disposables have only been in common use for the last 30 years or so and the generations before us seem to be walking just fine.

    The most compelling reasons for us were
    1) the environmental impact of disposables - 500 years in landfill; up to 1000 for the worst offenders. The average child uses 8149 nappies from potty to birth. Archeologists will learn about our culture by literally digging through our nappies. Yuck! The impact of cloth nappying even just part time is huge.
    2) Cost - the average cost of disposable nappies for ONE CHILD from birth to potty is $2444.70. Cloth nappies can be used again for 2nd and 3rd children so the cost of cding ONE FAMILY is $566. That's based on a two part nappy and all new. It could cost you less if you buy used - again, perfectly acceptable. And if you use cloth wipes, there's an additional $300-500 saving too!
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    Darn naysayers. 

    We (BOTH DH and I) love CD'ing because...

    -Money savings. We even felt like we could splurge on some nicer diapers because we were already saving so much money. 

    -Better for our kids. DS had frequent diapers rash that basically disappeared within 24 hours of starting cloth diapers and cloth wipes. I like knowing exactly what's against DS's sensitive skin. He has mild excema, so I feel like I have more control in managing his skin condition. 

    -It smells better. People never mention this! We babysat our nephew, and his disposable diapers reeked so much of perfume that I could hardly stand to hold him. I smelled a disposable the other day and almost threw up. (Morning sickness but whatever.)

    -Better for the environment. 

    -Easy to deal with. Wash routine is a breeze. Outings are simple. We do road trips with cloth diapers, go camping with cloth diapers, etc.
    -Easier to potty train. DS actually feels when he's wet. 

    -Cuteness factor. 

    -Many/most cloth diapering products have more natural, gentle ingredients. It has helped us because family members will gift the bath products we actually want DS using rather than whatever looks cute/is a well-known brand. The CD'ing world has also introduced us to other eco-friendly, better-for-you products that we wouldn't otherwise have known about. 

    -The CD community is awesome. 

    Eta: in two years of CD'ing, we've never had a blowout in cloth. We had three really nasty blowouts in disposables just in the week before we made the switch, not to mention many prior. Also a fantastic benefit. 
  • Our little one is 4 months old and we've had ZERO rashes so far with cloth. I only have to wash twice a week (Wednesdays and sundays) with our 28 or so diapers!

    They're so cute!

    No midnight runs to the store for diapers! 
  • People will rain on your parade no matter what you choose. Boo to them.

    1. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!! We spent on our stash what some people spend in one month of diapers. Keep that in your back pocket when someone discourages you. 

    2. Never ever once had a blowout. Also, never had to change crib sheets and clothes in the middle of the night, even with explosive, allergy-driven, colitis, breastfed poo. No disposable diaper brand can boast that. 

    3. Cutest prints ever. Naked cloth diaper baby is soooo cute!!
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    People said we were crazy too, you just have to get used to taking what other people say with a grain of salt!! Once you have a baby, everyone suddenly becomes an expert on your life.

    I don't have much new to add that other people haven't mentioned: they are super cute, save so much money (we bought almost all our diapers used), they don't contribute to the world's trash problem and I imagine they much must be so much more comfortable for a baby than disposables. 
  • The Eco-friendly aspect is a big one for sure

    We discovered our LO gets rashes from disposable diapers (pampers, at least), which reaffirmed my choice of cloth.

    I've yet to have a poo blowout using prefolds and covers, but had a pretty horrific one on disposables
  • We've only been doing  CDs for about a week, but so far it's been so much easier than I expected.  DH throws the diapers in the laundry every evening while I'm nursing the baby to sleep and I restuff the pockets in the morning while I'm nursing him.  We only bought enough to get us through one day since so many people told us how terrible it would be, but I just ordered a bunch more since we're really liking it.  
    Not having to rush to Target when I realize we're down to two diapers has been a nice change :)
  • I switched to CD BC I had $30 and knew that wouldn't get me the amount of diapers I needed for the month. I thought about CDing with my first and just never got around to it. So I looked at my local online resale page found a small lot for $30 and never went back. 

    I love how much month we have saved. I could spend lots of money on cute prints and sometime I do lol. But really I'm all set with what we need for this baby and for babies to come. 

    Speaking of of cute prints... My son walks around most days in just a diaper (around the house usually) because hello! Cute diapers! It saves on baby laundry. Haha. 

    We have about 50 diapers and only have to do laundry once a week. So it's really not that time consuming. 

    I know it may seem confusing and crazy, but it's really not. Get a good wash routine and you'll be fine! Babies poop on their own clothing sometimes. So you'd have to deal with that Anyways at one time or another. And you could buy liners of you wanted and just flush if rinsing a poopy diaper isn't your thing and you would still be saving money. 

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