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Can we have a thread devoted to in laws? Lol


Re: Can we have a thread devoted to in laws? Lol

  • @GAgirlinSDakota good for him!! My hub has a really hard time standing up to his family!
  • @GAgirlinSDakota not only is that creepy that shows whow much time she has on her hands. That she goes to pregnant message boards to see if she can find you to read what you would write. How many websites and boards did she have to go to? How many threads did she have to read before she found you? I would guess you your siggy helped, all the kids birthdays, or she just read so many of your posts she knew it had to be you. WOW!
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  • It's weird. My old account had no birthdays on it, and she's never met any of my kids or me. She doesn't know the birthdays of the 3 oldest. And I've posted very few pictures. She literally had to have searched posts and matched info. Such a whackadoodle.

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  • MIL thinks she knows everything. While pregnant, the most annoying thing that my MIL did was trying to convince me to kick our dog out of our bedroom and move him to the backyard (he has been an indoor dog all hide life and is small) because the baby will choke on his fur. With baby girl here, it drives me crazy how criticizing she is to my DH. This is our first child and she seriously acts like DH has no idea what he's doing. Whenever she's around and he's holding her, she'll tell him to support her head (which he's doing), don't shake her (when he's just lightly bouncing), if she starts crying she'll say that he's hurting her because of the way he's holding her. I also feel like I will punch her the next time she asks me why I don't use baby powder and saying that DD will get a diaper rash if I don't use it. Err, 7 weeks old now and no diaper rash. Things have changed since you've had a baby. Also, whenever DD has hiccups, she asks if she can give her water. NO. And also says that we didn't burp her since she has hiccups. Every time DD cries, MIL says "aww you're hungry huh mom needs to feed you more", even if she just ate 5 minutes ago.
  • MIL is driving me crazy. She complains that she doesn't see DD enough even though every time we invite her over she's late or doesn't show up. She thinks we should just be completely fine when she shows up late at night and disrupt baby's schedule for her. She's here right now and refuses to give me the baby who is crying because she needs to poop - she needs to be put on her back and I do bicycles with her legs to help get the gas out but MIL is refusing to put her down and is bouncing her around only aggravating her more. Seriously am about to snap. She also complained when DD was asleep at her last visit at wanted us to wake her because she's "never awake when I visit". Uggh needed to vent before I kill someone! 
  • @mrscammack how desperate of her! I'd be pissed. Poor baby! Isn't it amazing how well bicycles work for gas though?! They can go from screaming to smiling in a second! But ugh that sounds so frustrating. 
  • @alisongem I swear by the bicycle legs, gets the gas out every time! In future I'm just taking baby from her as soon as she gets fussy whether she likes it or not! 
  • @mrscammack good! You go, momma! 
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