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Pregnancy beard

My husband decided not to shave his face during my pregnancy.  Usually, he doesn't go more than 3 days without a shave.  We thought it would be an easy way for him to get an idea of how pregnancy changes your body, etc. etc. while also serving as a kind of "play off beard".  I'm now 7 months pregnant and the beard has already proven itself to be a fantastic idea.  He is not a fan of the beard. He complains about getting hair in his mouth and how itchy it is and he's had to explore the world of beard hair care products to manage his unruly facial hair.  He has to deal with a changing body image and physical features that will only get bigger and more unpredictable before I go into labor.
Is a beard anywhere near as oppressive as this belly?  No, and he understands that.  And by extension, he has had more empathy about my situation even if he can't see for himself when I feel tired or unattractive or just unwieldy.  It has been a surprisingly simple bonding tool throughout this pregnancy.  I recommend it to any dads looking to get a feel for the experience.  Also, moms with smooth-shaven partners who don't get it-- challenge him to put up with a beard and still belittle your bump frustrations! 

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