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Need opinion on naps in stroller or carseat

LO is 4 months and 16+lbs and I'm trying to pay better attention to his naps.  He usually requires a nap every 2 hours or so but that doesn't leave much time to go out for walks or run errands with him.  His typical nap at home is in the RnP or my bed and he only naps for about 30-45 minutes. He hates the carseat but will usually pass out for 20-30 minutes.  Do naps in the stroller while out on a walk or in the carseat while driving count as real naps? And are they as restful as naps at home?

Re: Need opinion on naps in stroller or carseat

  • A nap is a nap IMO. You take them whenever and wherever you can get them. Babies that young nap like crap regardless of what surface they are on so I wouldn't overthink this.

    I focused a lot on naps with my first kid, then second kid came along and we don't sit around and wait for her to nap. She comes along for the ride and takes quite a few naps in the car.

  • Yes, why wouldn't they count as a nap. If baby is sleeping it's a nap. 
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  • Agreed with the others. Not sure why they wouldn't count, and honestly my DD seems to sleep more soundly when we are out in a crowded public place. 
  • It totally counts! Sometimes if my LO won't nap I go shopping. He'll pass out in the car seat by the time I'm out of the neighborhood and again when he's in the stroller. It's the best :smiley: 
  • The weather is finally getting to be nicer where I live so I can take LO outside for a walk in the stroller.  I am so grateful!  She always falls asleep after she has had time to adequately investigate the new sights to see .  I feel like it is good for her to get the fresh air, good for me to be walking, and good for both of us that she is actually getting in a nap without a fighting me first.  Today I took an extra loop around my neighborhood just to prolong her nap to a solid hour.  Enjoy it!
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