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How to choose the right gynaecologist?

hi, I am Krupali, I stay in India, Mumbai, joined this forum a few weeks ago, I am 10wks3d pregnant, any thoughts on choosing the right obstetrician or gynaecologist. Have met 2 good doctors today, can't decide who would be best, would love to get some thoughts...

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  • HI @krupali78!  Welcome and congratulations!  I think it depends on what you're looking for.  I knew which hospital I wanted to deliver at, so I found a clinic of doctors who delivered there that was located near my home and decided on one from that clinic.  I love my OB/GYN.  She knows I'm high anxiety and working in the NICU, I worry about things most of her patients don't, but she keeps me calm and is willing to answer all my questions, make referrals, do tests that I request.  I think we have a really great relationship.  So, I guess it really depends on what you feel is most important to you!!  Good luck!!
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  • Welcome @krupali78 and congrats! I would look for office efficiency, how comfortable you feel with the OB, do you feel rushed at all at appointments? Ask each multiple questions about what is most important to you. For example, although my OB does not work on Friday's due to his religion, I needed to know if I went into labor on if he would deliver on a Friday. On top of that, our personalities meshed and I like his no BS approach. Try googling reviews for each doctor as well and maybe look up the facilities they deliver at. That could be a deciding factor if it came down to facilities. Good Luck!

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  • Welcome, @krupali78 ! And congrats! I agree with what the others have already said. Things I value about my OB are that I almost never have to wait past my appointment time (once I did when she was doing an emergency c-section, but that seemed pretty reasonable!), I get calls back within a couple of hours if I have a question, my OB treats me like a thinking person with both a brain and emotions, she does not use fear tactics but I know she'll tell me the truth if I need to be concerned about anything, she is great at helping me think through choices, and she is both efficient and kind. I hope you find someone who is a great fit for you!

  • Thanks everyone, these suggestions really help...
  • Hi!

    The only hint I would add is that if you have any friends who are nurses, or even friends of friends, try to get a professional opinion of how ancillary staff feels about each MD. Professionally, I wouldn't say anything negative about a doc, but you can, for sure, really tell when I like one.  I'm lucky in that I've actually worked with my OB/GYN (who treats other patients besides just pregnancy- I have zero experience in that :smiley:  and I tremendously respect her. The truth is also that when stuff really starts going down its the ancillary staff in there with you the whole time. The most "popular" MD around here, because of her bedside manner I guess, is NOT one my friends or I would ever use....
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