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How excited is your DH/SO?

My DH doesn't show excitement as much as I would like him to, so if anyone is gushing and daydreaming out loud about our future kiddos, it's me. We are going to start TTC in June. I just applied for a new job (would actually use my degree, better pay, more chances for advancement, etc.), and mentioned to him that if I get it, we may have to put off TTC for a few months to a year. This news suddenly made him very quiet, and divulge that he's very excited about this and doesn't want to put it off any longer than we have to. Gah! Wish he'd show this more often. 

How excited are your other halves? 
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Re: How excited is your DH/SO?

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    My DH is similar in that is he very even keeled about most things. So when we talk about having a child in the abstract, he doesn't appear super excited. But if I show him a video of a child doing something cute and say that could be our child one day, he smiles and shows excitement. We have settled on January/February 2017 for TTC and when I ask if that is still good he smiles and says "yes, I am ready when you are ready." :)
  • We are starting this april. He does not appear as excited as i would have hoped. He doesn't show excitement towards anything but part of me wishes he would have for this. I dont expect him to be jumping for joy but atleast show some enthusiasm. He says he is excited though. Men....jeez
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  • DH is super excited for TTC, which I love! We were just in Hawaii and he picked up a stuffed sea turtle while we were there. When I asked him about it (he's not a stuffed animal guy) he gave me a smile and said he'd like to have it for the future nursery. I was grinning like a dweeb after that, haha!  He's always been gun-ho for having kids, but it helps me feel better about our future plans (we're starting TTC in 4 months of so). 
  • Just wanted to add a fun moment that happened unexpectedly tonight. DH and I finally got around to cleaning out some of the stuff in our basement. We went through boxes to throw away and donate items. We came across some items of his: a small child sized hoodie, two t-shirts and a baseball hat from when he played t-ball around 5 years old. He asked if he should keep it and I said, "yes, how cute would it be if our future child wore it." He smiled and said, "it says 1996 on it, maybe it will be a cool throwback for our kid by then." He also wanted to keep some of his stuffed animals for our future child. It was so simple, but made my heart melt. 

    On a completely different note, I also came across a letter I wrote to myself in October 2003 as part of a high school writing project 2 years before I graduated. I had to "tell myself" what life was currently like and give myself advice. In the letter I wrote, "I am so completely in love with Mr. Bmo88, I hope I always feel this way. He makes me feel loved and is really special." Little did I know that almost 13 years later, I would feel exactly the same way. I also found all the cards and letter he had wrote to me throughout high school. I read a few and got teary eyed. DH thought I was a little weird and looked at me like I was crazy, but it was fun to reminisce.  
  • I was the excited one initially. Now, I'm still the more excited one, but he has started talking about what he wants things to be like once we have a baby.

    I grew up caring for children, I have taken many courses on child development, and have a bachelor's and master's degree in education. Children have always been a big part of my life, so I think it makes sense for me to be more excited now that we've decided to have our own. My husband was never around children or babies until he started dating me. We have been together 8 years, and I've had him around many babies, but he still is nervous around them. 
  • *Lurker... but trying to be more active*

    H brought up the baby thing. I have talked him down from 8 (EIGHT!) babies to one or two. We're both from families of 4 so he wanted tons. No thank you.

    He'll send me random pregnancy/birth facts during the day, and he researched parental leave and is very excited. I'm more nervous. I'm (self proclaimed) very good with babies, but I held a 6 week old today and realized how tiny they are and how fragile they are. Eek. 
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  • Glad I'm not the only one. Thanks, ladies. 

    It was nice when we were moving into our house last year, and I asked what he would want his son's room to be painted. The look on his face was priceless as he picked out a deep blue that resembles St. Louis Blues blue. If we wind up with a girl, I plan to add turquoise to it to add a girly feel. 
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  • DH doesn't always seem as excited as me but I know he is excited. A lot of times he grumbles about how expensive kids are or how messy they are. But then last night out of the blue he looked at me and said "I can't wait to add a kid to our family." It's stuff like that which makes me smile and know he's excited too!
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  • He's changing from not showing it, to showing excitement more. We were in the hardware store today, and saw a cute little girl. He pointed her out and said "You sure you're ready for this?" Beyond ready, huge smile. June can't get here fast enough for me, since that's when we start trying.
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