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Cloth Diapering

FTM Cloth Diaper Accessory Question

What are must have's when cloth diapering? We have our diapers, pail with cloth bag liner and cd friendly rash cream.

We are considering cloth wipes. Pros/cons?

Is a diaper sprayer necessary? 

Anything else we might not be thinking of?

Re: FTM Cloth Diaper Accessory Question

  • I would say you need two pail liners, that way you can pop your liner in the wash with each load and have a spare for go back in.
    Perhaps a wet/dry bag to keep soiled and clean nappies separate when out and about.
    Other than that, we haven't used anything else but more experienced cd'ers may come up with something we've missed.

    Haven't given cloth wipes a try yet but thinking of it.
  • I cd without a diaper sprayer for two years, then got one with my second and couldn't imagine how I lived without it! Really good investment!  I have 3 wet bags, enough for a three day rotation between washes. Good luck!
  • Cloth wipes are easy.  I wet them as I need them with a water bottle or in the sink if changing area is near a sink and then they just go in with the dirty diapers.

    I never bothered with a sprayer but LO's poop doesn't bother me too much so dunk and swish is nbd.  Well, actually, the only part of it that I don't like is that the toilet water is super cold.

    I have heard of people using hand held shower heads and spraying into a bucket or the toilet if the distance was right.

    I don't use pail liners anymore. I just use a plastic bucket and/or a plastic hamper and give it a wipe down after dumping in the washer.

    Wet bags for on the go diapers - how many you need depends on your lifestyle.  You'll need more if your child is in daycare or you're on the go a lot, and less if you're home with the LO most of the day.

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  • I haven't ventured into using cloth wipes just yet, but having a diaper sprayer is essential to me. The potty pail has one that's fairly less expensive than others, but I imagine you could find a toilet sprayer at a hardware store for cheaper. 
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  • I just recently started using cloth wipes because LO has super sensitive skin and the ped recommended using a washcloth with water instead of wipes.  They're working great so far!  I like that I don't need a separate trash can for wipes, I can just throw them in the pail with the diapers.  I have heard some people use a wipe warmer and put coconut oil in their wipe solution. I just use a water bottle to wet them as needed.  I do use regular wipes on the go if we don't have water, and DH likes the regular wipes for messy poopy diapers.  

    I agree with wet bags.  You will want at least 2 (so you can always have a clean one) or more if doing daycare).  DH is a SAHD and so we only use a wet bag when we go out.
  • Cloth wipes FTW! Our favorite brand is Grovia. DH wanted to use disposable wipes until we'd been CD'ing for about 24 hours and he realized how much easier it was to just throw everything in the same bag/can and wash it. We also got a bunch of simple flannel wipes from a friend that we just use for daycare. 
  • I just bought a bunch of cheap baby wash cloths from BRU and have been using them for almost 3 years now.  May not be the cutest option but it has definitely been a functional and durable option.

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  • We just use a large wetbag at home. Two would be ideal. Then we have three smaller ones for out and about.

    we were lame and used liners to deal with solid poop. No sprayer
  • I'll happily put in another endorsement for cloth wipes and the diaper sprayer.
  • If you get a diaper sprayer (I highly recommend it) then definitely get a spray pal.  It is definitely worth the money not to spray poopy water everywhere. No matter what I did I ended up with spray outside of the toilet and the Spray Pal put an end to it.  

    When I first started cloth I used disposable wipes and found it to be a pain.  It meant trying to find a place to put poopy wipes and wasting wipes trying to wrap the poopy wipes up....such a pain.  Cloth wipes work wonderfully and are easy to spray with everything else.
  • I have to add my vote in for a spray pal and cloth wipes. I just got two empty pampers wipes containers and I put my inexpensive amazon deal terry cloth type wipes in there with a solution of warm water, coconut oil, and a bit of LO's Honest body wash/shampoo and they are ready for the week. It's so easy and I love that it's soothing to his skin AND i throw it in to the same pail. I also have two big pail liners and one small for on the go and one medium for daycare. I recently moved and didn't install my sprayer right away, it was not for me. I am now spoiled by my sprayer and spray pal. 
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