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Pain on my left side

Hey ladies. Early this morning while i was trying to get comfy in bed i pulled my leg practically over my head which may have been a big mistake. Now i have this pain on that side that is slowly going away. But my question is could i have pulled something? Should i call my ob? It's of course on the side where baby normally likes to sit also. I'm only 10 weeks along. I'm not to worried about it. But then again i don't want to harm the baby.

Re: Pain on my left side

  • I'm sorry you hurt yourself. It might be round ligament pain, but I'm not a dr. I'm a bit puzzled how you could know at 10 weeks where the baby is positioned. I'm almost 17 weeks and I don't know that. 
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    My babies heart beat has been located there every time lol. But i may be wrong. I thought round ligament pain to. But it's hard to say. The pain was staying for an hour. And it wasn't bad it was just annoying. Like maybe i pulled something. Who knows. Now i feel fine. So im guessing all is good. 
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  • Hello. I had a MC in July & got pregnant in August! I'm now 28 weeks + & having a little boy. At 10 weeks I had the exact pain that you're describing. Like a niggly stitch type pain in my left side. It came back about 13 weeks. 
    Good luck xxx
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