Pregnant after a Loss

Super Anxious!

I just need a place to vent where other women would somewhat understand. 

In September my husband and I decided we were going to go off the pill and see what would happen. I was extremely lucky and got pregnant right away. I was due in late July, I had some spotting in the beginning and went in for blood work. The blood work came back perfect, HCG-364/685 Proges-19.4, I was apx 3 weeks. At about five weeks I had a loss of symptoms. Those first weeks my boobs KILLED, I got waves of nausea then I started to feel amazing and was getting anxious I kept telling my husband something felt wrong. At 6 weeks I started to spot. I went in and was checked out, I ended up having what is called  a blighted ovum and was told I would miscarry naturally. I was devastated, it was our first pregnancy we had just told our families at Thanksgiving and I started to miscarry that following Monday. I ended up only naturally miscarrying part of the sac and ended up having to get a D&C done during Christmas Break. I really only got to be joyful for about 2 weeks and then spent a month dealing with the miscarriage. 

In my post surgery exam my doctor told me to wait one AF and to start trying again. My husband and I decided we were going to wait one more month to start trying, I just got back to my normal self about 2-3 weeks ago and wanted to focus on getting back into better shape and start running more. We decided to try to use the rhythm method and I was using the ovulation pee sticks to wait a month and to start tracking again. 

About a week ago Feb 7th ish I had some spotting which coincided with when I should have my AF. I had slight spotting for about 3-5 days and nothing more came, On Valentines day I have not idea what really prompted me, I have no symptoms and I had been spotting, I took a test. This test came back positive! 

Now I"m cautiously optimistic....According to my last period Jan 12, I should be around 5 weeks and this is what concerns me.... I have NO symptoms, not a single one, even before I took a pregnancy test with my previous pregnancy my boobs had already started to hurt. Plus I've already been spotting and I spotted again today. 

I went in on Monday for blood work my numbers were HCG-125 Progesterone-around 12. I was given a progesterone supplement, and I did blood work again today. These numbers would only really put me at a few weeks not close to 5. I feel as though I caught my first pregnancy early because I was testing before I even missed my period, this one I had already missed it before testing. Both times I went in for blood work right after a positive pregnancy test and they numbers are pretty different.

I'm praying that my numbers come back doubled tomorrow, that I ovulated SUPER late and thats why everything is a little off... I don't think I can handle another miscarriage this close. I also don't know how much sleep I'm getting tonight, so anxious.

Am I being ridiculous? I want to get excited but I'm too nervous.

Thanks for listening!

Re: Super Anxious!

  • I had leftover hcg for two months following my d&c. You might want to prepare yourself for that possibility. If it turns out that you are not pregnant (or possibly having a chemical pregnancy), I recommend that you try temping. That would let you know what is going on in your body. Keep using the opks -- they give you a heads up before ovulation. But temping will confirm ovulation occurred (which opks don't) and show what is happening during the luteal phase. Fertility Friend is a great resource for that. Good luck!
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