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Travel advice after csection...?

I have a close friends wedding about 3 weeks after my second baby's scheduled csection. What are your thoughts on traveling either driving (12 hours) or flying (2hours) 3 weeks postpartum? I had a tough recovery with my first csection, but don't remember the timing of recovery. Thanks! :)

Re: Travel advice after csection...?

  • I would not be interested in driving 12 hours at all but flying would be OK as long as you have help with your bags. 
  • What she said.... blerg! And most likely ... help with the baby and baby carrier.... etc
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  • Driving would be painful if you fly have someone help you with bags.  Personally I would just skip the wedding since major abdominal surgery takes time to heal and your stitches or staples will still be in.
  • I'm probably skipping my own sister's wedding (and being in the wedding party) and she's only 3hours drive away! I'd be 2-3 weeks postpartum.  I'm not just worried about the c-section recovery, I'm worried about lugging everyone (plus toddler) down there plus taking a two week old out baby out in public at the height of flu season in winter - especially around throngs of friends and family who will all feel like they aren't strangers, so should have free and open access to said newborn.
  • I wouldn't do it.  I was still bleeding at that point.
  • I was in exactly the same situation with my first and I did not go. I've never regretted it and my friend understood 
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