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Need help!

So I found out I was pregnant on thursday last week (yay!) We had been trying for the three years and it was my first cycle on clomid with an hcg shot. I did blood tests Monday and today. Monday'slevels were at 530 and todays were 1300.  My doctor told me that I will be six weeks on Feb 27th which means I am about for weeks right now. I was reading some other forums and they were saying that was a pretty high level for being so early. The other thing is I had symptoms starting when I found out which I thought was pretty early. My boobs are huge and sore, I get cramps and morning sickness and stuff like that, but again it's kind of early. Did anyone else have this happen? I am kind of confused about how far along they say I am compared to the symptoms and tests. Did any one else have similar early symptoms and stuff....?

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  • I had early symptoms, bad head ache, breasts grew a size, extreme morning sickness. It's completely normal. I wish I was som girls who have no symptoms. Congrats by the way! 
  • The range for HCG levels is HUGE and from what I remember you are still in the normal range (by 5 weeks the hcg can be up to 7,340). The only accurate way to know exactly how far along you are is to either be temping your cycle or have an ultrasound but to me it looks like they are pretty average. 
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  • Because I got the hcg shot they know exactly when I ovulated. I have an ultrasound on a few weeks but I wanted others ideas and thoughts before hand :)
  • Check out  It will give you a good perspective on the range of hcg levels
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  • I found out I was pregnant at about 3.5 weeks because I could tell the difference in my body and tested positive! I think some people are just more in tune than others. My HCG levels were pretty low at my first appointment too. Here I am at 36 weeks and everything is still going fine (: congrats!
  • If you are worried about the possibility of twins but not brave enough to say it ... it's ok to worry. It can be a legit concern especially with clomid and the trigger shot... BUT..... levels themselves vary all over the place and symptoms are very subjective. ... some have them and some dont and most fall in between.
    I've had twins and had ZERO symptoms and very basic Hcg levels.... Ive had singles and hcg be thru the roof and symptoms unbearable. ... who knows... good thing is you are pregnant!  Rejoice in that. ...
  • Thank you for all the responses. It put Mr mind slightly more at rest. Thank you!
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