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Sleep problems.. Still!

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my boy just can not sleep at daycare! He's a horrible sleeper anyways, but he's been miserable lately because he won't nap. Any advice or anyone in same situation?

Re: Sleep problems.. Still!

  • Does he nap at home?  If so, is there something that you do at home that helps him that they can duplicate there?  

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  • He does nap decently at home. The only thing that'd different at daycare is a pack and play instead of a crib. She plays music (we have a sound machine at home) and she makes it dark for him. There's not much difference otherwise. I'm wondering if he's maybe over stimulated at daycare with the other kids. 
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  • It could be.  I am assuming he is napping in a room with other kids?

  • My LO isn't a great napper at daycare, either.  He has FOMO and wants to know what's going on around him at all times haha. 
    Honestly, I'm frustrated by the lack of naps during the week, but I'm not sure what I can do other than hope that he'll get used to sleeping with activity going on around him.  I can't expect daycare to make special accommodations for him just to help him nap.  He naps wonderfully at home on the weekends and I just try to encourage good sleep habits when he's with me (and I cross my fingers that one day soooon he'll get used to napping at daycare).
  • He actually goes to a home daycare so he is able to sleep in a quiet room. But he definitely has some FOMO I think! He loves to watch the other kids play. 
  • I have the opposite with my son. He naps great at daycare and not at home. He gets worn out by all of the activity around him at daycare.  Maybe they are waiting too long to put him down for a nap? try implementing a routine if you haven't already and then have the daycare do the same routine. Like diaper change, then read a book then nap time.

  • Oh that's a good idea. I started taking his "aquarium" thing that goes in his crib to daycare so it's a signal for him to rest. I just keep waiting until the day we start sleeping better! 
  • DS had a 1/2 hour and a 15 minute nap yesterday at daycare.  That's it.  And then they tell me he was miserable all day.   Uh, yeah. I would be too if I was overtired! 
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