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Smell cravings?

I was dreaming about cleaning and woke up desperately wanting to smell cleaners. Wtf is that?!im 6 days away from my csection but I had the energy to do it so I cleaned the house and mopped etc and it was so satisfying to smell it. This happen to anyone else? DH thinks I'm strange lol. 

Re: Smell cravings?

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    i think this i called PICA; the craving to smell/eat things that arent edible. you arent strange, but i would speak with your doctor about this asap.
  • Haha I def don't want to eat it..just smell it. Like I said, c section is in 6 days so I'm not gunna freak out about this. Much like my restless legs, heartburn, insomnia etc I'm sure this will go away after the birth too. Thanks for ur input tho, I didn't realize this was actually a thing!
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  • You don't have to want to eat it, smell cravings are part of PICA as well. I've been diagnosed and it's important for you to supplement your iron (it's usually an indicator of a deficiency in iron). I personally crave the smell of wet concrete, brick mortor, rubbing alcohol, and tea tree oil. With a c-section upcoming it couldn't hurt to up your iron as a precautionary measure. 
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  • Yep, it's PICA. I had this and was severely iron deficient. I'm on 2 natural iron supplements (floradix and hemaplex) and my numbers are increasing at an astounding rate. Definitely mention to your care provider! 

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