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Bottle Recommendations

I am looking for a bottle most closely related to that of an actual breast. Do any of y'all have any recommendations on bottles? I have heard of Dr. Browns.. But, I have also heard that they are hard to clean. Thank you. 

Re: Bottle Recommendations

  • I think if you want the closest to an actual breast, Mimijumi is what you are looking for:  mimijumi.com

    But plenty of other bottles will work and your child can usually learn to switch back and forth. I used Bornfree because I wanted glass bottles.  My baby would also drink from the medela bottles.  As long as your kid will drink from it, then it is a bottle that will work for you!


  • ^^ I agree that you need to find a bottle that your baby will drink from - it may be trial and error or your baby won't be picky and will drink from any and all.

    That said, the idea of finding a bottle similarly shaped to a breast is really, find a bottle shaped similarly to your nipple/ breast.

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  • We found that Dr. Browns worked really well. I was breastfeeding and offering bottles (with twins it was helpful to do both) and they didn't have any confusion at all. It's true that Dr. Browns has a lot of parts, but if you get the dishwasher baskets it's no big deal at all. I wouldn't want to wash all the parts by hand, but it takes very little time to just put them in the Dr. Browns dishwasher baskets. 


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  • This was actually discussed in a class my husband and I attended.  We got a couple of bottle samples because we were told that bottles are completely trial and error for babies.  The fact of the matter is that your baby might like one nipple but not the other, so don't go exclusively with one brand.  
  • With the first two, we used Medela, Dr. Brown's and Tommy Tippy. Personally, for ease of use I prefer Tommy Tippy, but whatever the baby will drink out of is good for me!


  • Don't count on your baby wanting a breast shaped bottle just because you BF. I EBF both sons for the first 4 months and the second son would only take the super narrow Dr. Browns nipple. I bought nearly every bottle available and went for all of the ones that said they were breast shaped and special for BF babies thinking that was the ticket. Nope, finally about 12 bottle types later he settled on the Dr. Browns Narrow Nipple. I don't have narrow nipples. Don't stock up on anything. It is interesting though that nearly every mom I know has ended up with Dr. Browns eventually, either for gas, reflux or nipple preference, so there must be something to that. They are not really that hard to clean, it takes like 10 extra second per bottle to stick the little brush in all the holes and then pop them in the dishwasher. Just be open and have a few single bottles on hand so you can stock up once you figure out what your LO will take. 
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    @SamanthAnalise I wouldn't stock up on any particular brand just because you don't know if your baby will like it or not. But Targets cartwheel app has some pretty good coupons right now for several different brands in case your interested in getting a couple to try out. 

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  • I got lucky and DD took to the avent naturals I bought when I was pregnant. She also took the hospital nipples I was sent home with. She wouldn't/couldn't breastfed for the first five weeks and then now is EBF. 
    We don't have a dishwasher so we got the glass ones and like that they don't have a ton of parts. 
  • I have the Dr Browns bottles and love them. I don't have a dishwasher and it doesn't take me long to wash the bottles at all. I liked being able to use the Preemie flow nipples when DS was first born, because the level 1 and even the nipples for the nursettes from the hospital were way to fast for LO. I have the wide neck bottles and a couple of the Options bottles. The Options bottles allow you to use the bottle without the venting system if you want. 

    I had the Munchkin Latch bottles too and HATED them. DS didn't care for them, but they didn't feel good in my hands to hold for him and the nipple kept getting sucked into the bottle. 
  • I EBF, but have offered a bottle the my 7 week old a few times. She takes the tommee tippee glass bottles. 
  • With DS, I bought Tommee Tippee to start us off and that was all we ever needed. He went back and forth between bottle and me like a champ. Plus I loved that Tommee Tippee has a sanitizer specifically for their bottles that I can just stick in the microwave whenever. With DS going to daycare, it was nice not having to worry about residual germs all over the things he ate out of. 

  • Comotomos worked great for my daughter. Introduced bottle at 3.5w and no problems.
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  • We started with Dr. brown's wide neck, moved to Breastflow, and ended with simple NUK bottles that had no extra parts (pedi recommended a simple straightforward bottle). NUK worked best for our DS.
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  • I use Kiinde active latch bottles, they go to with the Kiinde direct-pump system. I pump directly into storage bags, then the bags pop into the bottle and the nipple attaches directly to the bag so I only have to wash the nipple and throw out the bag.  The nipples are one silicone piece, no ring.  It works well for me because I'm klutzy and this way I don't need to transfer milk into the bags after I pump.  LO takes the bottle just fine, so I've not tried any other brands.
  • Dr. Brown's worked perfectly with my son-- there are two additional internal parts-- it isn't rocket science, I promise.  I have heard wonderful things about Mimijumi, but they are quite expensive... but if that's what works, go for it!

    A lot of it is just trial & error.
  • I use Playtex Nurser with drop in liners
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  • My daughter is EBF. We tried three brands before discovering my daughter really only liked Medela bottles. The other ones we tried were Avent and Mam.
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