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threated miscarriage

I was curious as to know if any other expectant mothers had a positive outcome after bleeding in 1st tri. I started bleeding at 11wk3d. At 2:20am. Freaked me out, I surely thought i was losing my pregnancy (3rd pregnancy) I have never been through anything like this, called my obgyn she told me to wait an hr go then go to the ER if bleeding didn't stop. I didn't stop but there was no pain. I passed a clot I was ordered an ultrasound, everything came back great with the baby & my cervix was closed,but I did have an uti, they discharged me with antibiotics & told me to follow up with my on asap I did & they saw me that morning. They also did another ultrasound & confirmed all was great!. But I did have inflammatory irritation outside of the uterus & this where the bleeding is most likely coming from. Has anyone experienced this?? Did you give birth??

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    If it's any consolation, most of the time an ER will diagnose most bleeding as a "threatened miscarriage." ER doctors usually aren't as experienced with pregnancy and its complications as your ob is. It sounds like you just have an irritable uterus and it's actually not rare. Relax and I'd put more weight on the words of your ob than an er doc.

    eta: if any future problems arise, when your ob recommends you go to the hospital, I'd ask to be sent to l&d rather than being treated in the er.

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  • Bleeding in the first trimester is totally normal in pregnancy. The only time it is of major concern is if it is accompanied by cramping or continuous heavy flow.  Sounds like your baby is perfectly fine, so that's great news!
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  • I had an MC last year that happened early on. This time around I had bleeding the whole first tri. It didn't stop till around 16 wks. I was in bedrest that whole time. They said I had a friable cervix. L&D wouldn't take me any time before 21 wks so I went to ER when instructed by doctor. I am now almost 31 wks and back in bedrest because of contractions. Recently L&D said they could be due to such an active baby causing my uterus to become irritable and contract. I hate the term 'threatened miscarriage'. It's what they say but not necessarily the case. Hang in there stay positive! I'm glad the er and your doc were able to give you good news!
  • I had a 'threatened miscarriage' at  6 weeks pregnant (its written in my medical notes thaf way too) i am currently 36 weeks with a healthy baby. As i am not a doctor i cannot say for sure that you will be fine, but given what you have said it sounds like you are still on the right track! Threatened miscarriage is a terrible term, they use it whenever there is any possible issue with a pregnancy under 20 weeks. 
  • I had a threaten miscarriage at around 5-6 weeks with my second pregnancy. I now have a very healthy 20 month old! Don't let the doctors from the ER scare you too much. Like pp said, they throw around the term "threatened miscarriage" pretty much any time a pregnant woman comes in with some bleeding. The fact that they checked you out and said all was great (as far as the oregano goes), is a good sign. Especially with you being this far along. Good luck! Hope you have a happy healthy rest of your pregnancy. 
  • @soxfan9968  I believe most labor and delivery departments only take women who are past 20 weeks gestation. Unfortunately if a miscarriage is occurring there is nothing anyone can do. 

    Your doctor told you to go to the ER because of the bleeding issue, not because there is anything they could do to stop a miscarriage. Unless you're bleeding profusely, the ER is kind of a waste of time and money.

    I'm very sorry you're in limbo. It's scary and frustrating to not know. I've bled during 2 of my 5 pregnancies, and one of them turned out ok, the other resulted in a miscarriage. 

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