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Stupid question

Now that most of our little ones are really good at rolling over.. How are we supposed to keep them on their tummy?? My baby girl always just rolls right over almost the moment I put her on her tummy but if I keep putting her back on her tummy, after a few times she gets angry.. Do I just let her stay on her back since she doesn't wanna be on her tummy? Uhg, FTM problems. 

Re: Stupid question

  • bellie1223bellie1223 member
    edited February 2016
    There was a thread about this a few days ago, not sure what it was called at the moment. Someone recommended using a boppy, I think there were a few other good suggestions on there too

    Eta: it's called tummy time for babies who roll, and it already got pushed back to the second page, no wonder you didn't see it. There were only two responses too, but both recommended the boppy
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