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Metformin Anyone?

Anyone else on Metformin? I was on 2,000mg a day but cut down to 1,500 because I couldn't stomach it. Well, this morning I forgot to take my pill. I do one in the morning and two at night but I actually didn't throw up at work for once lol... I'm going to talk to my dr but if you are on it, has your doctor mentioned when you are stopping? Last time I went to my RE it wasn't my actual dr so I'm going to call tomorrow to ask. 
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Re: Metformin Anyone?

  • My doctor instructed me to stop taking my 2000mg dosage at 12 weeks. I will resume right after I give birth to help as PCOS has links poor milk production (mostly in women that have PCOS insulin resistance). 

    I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and No GD! Woo! 
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    I took 2000mg until second trimester. I was nervous to stop taking it but I'm currently 36 weeks and no GD! 
    Best of luck :) 

    ETA I took it until beginning of second tri, in case that was unclear. 

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  • I'm hoping I can stop at 12 weeks but I've heard that it can be taken the whole time! Even if I keep taking it, maybe the nausea won't be so bad after 12 weeks.
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  • I have been on met and will continue to be because of PCOS and trying to prevent GD. I am 20 weeks now. I plan to take it up until the last few weeks of my pregnancy per my doctors instructions. If I miss a dose, I was just told to take the next as scheduled. 
  • I am 17 weeks and still on metformin. I will be on it until my RE or OB tells me to stop. They had me stop at 13 weeks in my last pregnancy.

    I have been on metformin since 1/2012
  • My RE said he wanted me to stay on it through my first trimester and would let my OB decide from there. 

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  • My RE told me at 10 weeks to start going down but also my OB will check so I don't know if he will change it to keep me on 
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