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1st Trimester

some cramping, anyone else?

Hi Ladies, anyone experience some light cramping on one side only ? I'm 5 weeks along, 3rd pregnancy.  My nervous side started wondering if I could be etopic, but that symptoms would be hugely worse.... just hoping I'm worrying over nothing!

Re: some cramping, anyone else?

  • Normal. Your uterus is going to start changing and stretching. As long as your pain isn't enough to double you over, you should be fine. Just get off your feet for a bit if you can and make sure you are drinking plenty of water. I cramped on and off throughout my pregnancy, one side, both sides, all variations. 

    I lurk. I snark. I offer sound advice if you're not BSC. You may not like me. I'm okay with it.

  • you're fine. i wouod suggest using the search function (or even scrolling through a couple pages), as there are hundreds of threads about cramping & other 1st tri symptoms.
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  • Thanks ladies, you'd think having 'been thru this before' it would be old hat... But I swear this time around the hormones are turning me into a crazy person! 

    It it very much comforts to know others 'have felt that too'  thank you ❤️
  • I have cramping every day, mostly on right side. Totally normal
  • Glad I read this. My ob told me cramping "isn't normal" and really freaked me out. 
  • @stephyjohnson17 My OB told me cramping is very normal, as it could be the uterus getting used to something being in there, or the uterus stretching. I also had a very normal pregnancy in the first tri. If it's accompanied by heavy bleeding or bright red bleeding, or makes you double over in pain- then it may not be normal and that is the time when you call your doctor/ go to the hospital. 
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