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Excersaucer vs jumper

What is the difference? I mean obviously the baby can jump in one but can I just buy a jumper and use it as both?? 

Re: Excersaucer vs jumper

  • Also, any (resonable priced) recommendations??
  • I have both. The jolly jumper and the Fisher price jungle safari. Baby definitely likes the jolly jumper the best. I think he might be too small to reach everything on the exersaucer and it makes him feel more restricted. 
    I would definitely recommend the jolly jumper but If your baby likes to play with toys they might like the exersaucer more. I like having both because it gives LO more variety and gives me more ways to entertain him. 
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  • I have a jumparoo. It has toys like an exersaucer unlike the pic above. My ds is still too small for it but I opted out of the exersaucer bc seemed like the same thing but without the ability to jump.
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    I think the main difference is that the exersaucer has a platform at the bottom and the jumperoo does not. (Some exersaucers have the bouncy springs like a jumperoo, some are stationary where the baby just stands.) LO has the Jam Session exersaucer which bounces and has adjustable height settings, but her legs are still not long enough to reach the bottom, even on the lowest setting, so we put a pillow underneath. She doesn't 'get' the bouncing part yet, but loves to play with the toys.

    Doorway jumpers scare the &%*#$(& out of me. I'm sure they wouldn't be on the market unless they were perfectly safe, but I'm just paranoid the clamp would break.

    ETA: Wanted to add that if I bought one myself, I would have gotten one that can fold/store away, like the Baby Einstein or the FP Space Saver one. My mom got this for the baby for Christmas and was excited about this particular one, so we kept it. But man, it is a beast. I joke that it needs it's own bedroom.

  • My daughter has a jumparoo at my parents house and she loves it, but she also loves her exersaucer at our house. The exersaucer is great for when my daughter is getting tired but still wants to play. 
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