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Winston Salem Groups/Classes

Are there any mom/baby groups or classes in Winston? Bonus points for weekend meets... If not, any Winston moms interested in meeting up? I have one son who is currently five weeks...

Re: Winston Salem Groups/Classes

  • Hello and yes! To meeting up at least. Winston is my closest big city and I've been looking for mommy groups all over! I just had my first and he'll be 9 weeks tomorrow :) 
  • Awesome! They are close in age...:) I haven't found any mommy groups when I've done a basic google search but I may be missing something. I will have to go back to work in a month (but get summer and spring break off) so I was hoping for occasional weekend meets when I do work. It'd be great to go to the park, stroller walks, etc. Feel free to message me here or you can add me on fb: Or you can message me here (I just don't check here as often)
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