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Swollen lymph node behind ear?

My daughter is 15 months and has had a 'swollen' lymph node behind her left ear since birth. It has always been small, movable and not firm. I've brought it up at every well baby/child visit, but this last time the dr said to have it checked by an ENT because it's no longer mobile and it's firmer. I'm really freaking out that it could lymphoma or something??? Of course when I do web searches I always hear the worst. The appointment is not for another couple weeks...

Re: Swollen lymph node behind ear?

  • I'm sure you are scared! I would be too but stay off Google and wait for the ENT appointment. Good luck. Fingers crossed for your LO :)


  • Stay away from dr. Google!  He always has the scariest options ;).  I'm sure if they thought it was something that needed immediate attention, your pediatrician would have gotten you in to the ENT much more quickly!  Thoughts and prayers with you and your little one! 
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