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2016 mamas?

Any Austinites out there? I'd love to talk baby/maternity shops and maybe (eep) Zika

Re: 2016 mamas?

  • Hey there! I'm due October 27th and live in south Austin :)
  • @mauishay Hey congrats! FTM and I'm in South Austin as well. I'm due July 24th. 
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  • Yay fellow south austin moms! I'm also due Oct 2016

  • Ftm due July in North Austin! (:
  • To alleviate my (very minor) zika concerns I purchased a couple permethrin undershirts from REI to wear when I work outside.

  • I feel more than a bit lame about being nervous but I don't like incomplete data. I read over drinking and coffee data and concluded I'll have a bit of each no worries. Zika, well, can't read studies and on the giant IF a birth defect or development disorder showed up I know I'd always question whether I should've taken it more seriously. So I'm buying out bug spray, plan to crank the A/C (apparently helps), and will watch for data from Colombia and elsewhere. Sigh, til this I took pride in my laid back approach to preg.
  • Tropical diseases tend not to flourish much in Austin, but we do have a more mosquito - friendly environment than elsewhere so I'm on board with any steps to reduce my chance of getting bit even by non-zika mosquitos. Remeber to dump out standing water outside the house like bird baths regularly to prevent them from breeding everyone.

  • Hi Mommas! I'm a FTM due June 4th with a little boy. Super excited to see some people on this board are active! :) 

    I'm new to the area and would love to get to know y'all! 
  • Thanks @CaptainPhasma words of calm on this topic always appreciated!  

    @ashleyrobertson0113  Glad to have more peops welcome to Austin!
  • North Austin here. Due with our 2nd set of twins in August/September. 

    Regarding Zika, has anyone else's OB said to go ahead and use a bug spray containing DEET? I never thought it was OK but he said the risks are minimal.
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  • @UnwritteN12 yep told fine but if it makes you nervous the cutter lemon eucalyptus is just about as effective supposedly https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2016/01/30/464740275/whats-the-best-way-to-keep-mosquitoes-from-biting
  • @ashleyrobertson0113 hey that's my bday! My baby boy is due July 16th (:
  • Hi all! Due with my 3rd this August. We are in CP. 
  • Hey ladies ! I'm due with my first November 19! I am currently in north Austin arbor area but moving south in a few weeks ! 

    **BFP and loss warning**

    Me: 29
    DH: 29
    Us: Married Valentine's Day, 2015
    DH: No issues.
    Me: PCOS, unexplained infertility (whatever that means!!)
    June 2015 Medicated TI cycle: BFN
    July 2015:  Medicated TI cycle: BFN
    August 2015: IUI: BFP. Chemical pregnancy :(
    October 2015: IUI: BFN
    January 2016: Egg retrieval: 10 frozen embryos!
    March 2016: FET Cycle- 2 embryos transferred!: BFP !
  • I'm a FTM due June 23rd in North/Central Austin (Allendale).  

    I'm also a pharmacist and from the research I've done, it seems any risk associated with DEET is far less than the risk associated with Zika.  I still find it's nearly impossible to avoid mosquito bites, especially with all this rain!
  • Due early August, and we live in central Austin!

    Is anyone delivering at Seton Central?  If so, do you know what their nursery v. rooming-in practice is at night?  Hospital tour isn't for 3 weeks and curious!

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