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Thoughts on Newborn Photography?

Have you scheduled a session after your due date yet? Do you think these pictures are worth it?

I'm getting quotes of 400 - 500 USD for pictures with newborn, parents and siblings.

Re: Thoughts on Newborn Photography?

  • I just did the pictures through our hospital. They were wonderful.

    I have also done some with Picture People. I was very please with them too.

    Both are hundreds less then a stand a lone Photog.
  • I just booked my newborn session and it's $350, but I personally love professional photos so it's worth the money to me.  I live in Southern California, where photo sessions are ridiculously expensive, and this is on the cheaper end but I had to do extensive research to find the lady.  I thought about if I looked back and didn't get them, how would I feel, and knew I would regret it...it's such a precious and fleeting time with your babe!
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  • I booked a photographer. They can get really expensive. Some go through their hospital if that's possible, Buy Buy Baby does them or booking a photographer. I wanted to do them but it's personal preference if you want them or not. I think it's worth it but that's just my opinion. 
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  • It's really up to you. If you're doubting it, it's probably not worth it for you. I'm very fortunate to have a professional photographer for a sister who specializes in newborn photography :smile: Otherwise we wouldn't be able to afford it. If you're going to book pictures, I definitely don't recommend anything but private photographers. The quality far surpasses any studio or hospital pictures. 


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    You have to decide if the pictures are worth it to you.  (Not helpful I know.)

    The cost: yes, professional photographers seem like a lot of money, but when it's actually broken down it's really justified. 

    First and foremost, you are paying for experience.  The experienced photographers know how to SAFELY move your baby and to put them into SAFE positions.  There are a lot of amateur photographers (while they may be great) that don't know how to set up some of the popular shots.  IE baby propping head in hands, or baby hanging in fabric tied to a branch.  These are most often done as composite shots; baby is never left unsupported.  Inexperienced photographers may not know this or know how to do this properly so it's certainly more risky to baby.

    Other things that go into the pricing: typically newborn sessions are done within the first 10 days after birth when the babies are still sleepy and bendy.  To get a newborn into position for the shot it can take upwards to 10-15 minutes to do so for each pose.  Photographers also assume that there will be time needed for feeding and changing, etc. and all that and more tend to lead to really long sessions.  I've seen shoots that have easily been 3-4 hours long.  Not only can the photo sessions be long, but the editing that goes into them after (especially when you are talking about the composite shots) can be just as long, if not longer than the actual session.  Then of course you have the overhead costs (travel fees, or studio costs, insurance, advertising, website, equipment/ props, etc.) and profit.

    If you want to do them, then you should.  Stick to your budget, but do your research and hire a reputable photographer with experience and references!

  • I definitely want to, I think you could find someone for a lot cheaper. 
  • Lurking.....

    Like @meg_2006, my sister is a professional photog specializing in newborns, so I'm fortunate enough to not have to deal with finding said photog. However, depending on your location, you should be able to find someone who does fabulous work for a bit less than what you mentioned. 
    @KaylaR628 what part of SoCal are you in? That's about the same rate my sister is. Lol. 

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  • @sdLindenberg I'm in San Diego...and wondering if the "sd" in your screen name means you are, too, haha?
  • For me it isn't worth it. I spent the money with my first child to purchase a really nice camera and have taken a few photo lessons online. I also took photography in high school. I've gotten some great shots in my own home and yard over the years and with a little bit of photoshop I am really happy with them and I much prefer the organic feel of candids. Newborns sleep so much that you can really play with lighting and location and get a decent few photos even if you only kind of know what you are doing. We go to a cheap picture place and do one or two family photos on the white background just to have them in the album as a memory. I don't hang a lot of posed photos in my house. I like candids much more and there isn't much going on with a candid and a newborn. I had my first son's done at Target of all places and I swear the black and white one on black background looks just like one of my friends' pro photos of her newborn sleeping on a blanket.

    I did a professional family session with my second DS when he was 7 months and my older son was 2.5 which I'm really glad I did. He was able to sit on his own and we got adorable brother shots of them kissing each other and playing in the pool. I felt like my photos were much more interesting than a bunch of a newborn sleeping so the cost and the work the photographer put in to get those shots was more justified for me. I wouldn't have been able to do that 2x in 7 months so I'm glad I waited. I'll do the same this time and schedule a session for the end of the summer with all three boys when the little guy is a little more interactive and fun and I've lost a little baby weight and might even want to hang one in my house :) It's totally personal preference. I have a friend that swears by it with every kid and has a million photos of her newborns all over her house from her sessions. Another friend did it because the first friend said she would die of regret if she didn't and she says she totally regrets it because she has like 20 poses of a baby sleeping and a bunch with her when she was feeling gross and not photographable so she doesn't want to hang any up. 
  • For a photographer doing newborn photographs, they're carving out anywhere from 3-5 hours of their time for the shoot. They're going slow, taking their time so that baby and mama are ok, and taking breaks for feeding and whatever else baby needs. 

    It's totally a justifiable cost if you like pictures. I can't imagine not doing newborn pictures, personally. They're so worth having down the road. 
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  • @KaylaR628 lol yep!! Love me some San Diego!!

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  • We had the hospital photographer take pics just because we weren't under obligation to buy them and they were so good we bought the cd of them all. 

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  • lucky for me, one of my best friends is a photographer. she's offered to do photos for us for a very cheap price. but even if i didnt have a friend who was willing to do photos for us for a cheap price, i feel like newborn photos are definitely worth it. they grow so fast, & they will never ever be that tiny again. i would absolutely get them!
  • I will be taking LO's with my iPhone and touching them up with a photo editing app I have. It won't be anything fancy or complicated just a nice, simple and inexpensive keepsake :smile:

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  • I will be doing them.... this is baby #5 for us and I'm really excited.  Our family maternity shoot is March 2 and then of course newborn is within days of him being born. This time... my photographer is also coming to the hospital because she wants to get some shots of big brothers meeting baby.
    That said... our newborn session will last a few hours but for her.... it also includes his 3, 6, 9 and 12 month shoots. She loves capturing the whole first year ;)
  • I only wanted the hospital pics for DD because the price was right. The photographer was unprepared and terrible. We only ordered one photo. I definitely regret not getting professional newborn pictures. Get the pictures!!! 
  • We planned on doing hospital pictures because of the price. Lucky us, the photographer wasn't working during our stay. We opted for JCPenney pictures and they're okay. I mean obviously I love them because they're of my baby but they were rushed and they aren't really the same as those newborn pictures you see of the babies in those neat poses. 
    If you can afford it, I'd get them. If you can't, consider a department store shoot or doing them yourself. 

  • Three years after my first arrived I don't regret my decision to not have newborn photos done.  I love photos, especially professional ones, but I can't justify the price for baby sleeping through them.

    That said I do photography as a hobby so it's not as big of a deal to me.
  • We have decided to do newborn and 1 year professional photos and got a nice camera for all the inbetween. Ours is also around $500 but it's our first baby and i think it will be a nice memory to have once we are home.
  • I work as a studio photographer (I don't do newborns though, because holy cow is that a chore....and an art!) 

    $350-$500 is about mid-range, honestly. Anything less than that and I would be concerned not only about the ability of your shooter (because they are underpricing themselves and probably pretty new at the whole game) but also the safety aspect. A lot of shooters who are newer and not as experienced try to attempt the difficult poses (such as the "frog" pose) without the proper safety steps in place. 

    I mean, I've been shooting for 8 years and I wouldn't even attempt them. 

    If you want professional shots of your new baby, I would definitely invest in a well-trained and seasoned newborn photographer. It'll be worth it in the end. 
  • If you want the classic newborn poses, go for a professional, absolutely you get what you pay for. I took some photos of LO (I have a DSLR), and they turned out great, but you wonKt be able to get the sleepy newborn poses that you see everywhere.  A friend of ours also did a photo shoot with us and got some amazing shots, but baby refused to sleep during the shoot, peed on her daddy and pooped on the blanket, because she's a lady.  I wasn't set on having classic sleepy newborn photos, so I was happy with what we ended up with (I had figured if our friend's photos were bad, we could find a newborn photographer).
  • I think they're worth it but $500 seems pricey?
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  • $500 is pretty middle of the road for a newborn-specific professional. Like I said above, it's not just snapping some pictures...there's a lot involved in newborn photography and it takes a special amount of skill and patience. 

  • Which company did you use if you're in the Los Angeles area?
  • I did the hospital photos with my second. I'll admit I really disliked how they were done. They were so pricey $350 and the background was just the hospital sheet. She did not do any exciting poses. With my first and third baby we did not do newborn pics but I regret not doing anything at all. I just had my fourth baby we just had his pics done at jcpenny. It was last minute but price was awesome. I got tons of pictures/sizes/poses for only $60. But I did use a military coupon, regular price would have been $300. Only because I picked so many prints. I'll admit I love those amazing NB sleeping pics I see online but I don't want to pay that much. So a professional would be the best if you want that, plus they know how to handle babies etc. I did handle my son, put him into poses myself but the photographer was very patient especially when I had to nurse him a couple times. My son was wide awake during pics but they came out cute. She did mention its best to try to keep babies awake for 2 hours prior so they will be sleeping during the shoot. But with my son it wasn't going to happen lol. 
  • I am a newborn photographer and cant wait to take photos on my own little one! Im a little nervous how recovery will be and about being able to take it on but overall im excited! I've started buying more items for my studio...just for my own little one! (bonus that we dont know what we are having...i get an excuse to load my studio with even more boy and girl items!) But anywho....Newborn sessions are not easy.... and takes more than just a nice camera...laying  a baby down and taking its picture. Im not saying that those kinds of images are valid or good.... because they totally are! They are your sweet baby and you will love them forever. But if you want professional images, and high quality art work for your walls, you really are going to have to pay professional prices! It really is just a matter of what you are looking for! 

    Also...ive been doing this for 5 years now....and still cant imagine that my baby is next for the studio! Im scared and nervous that after all these years of delivering beautiful galleries to clients that for some reason my own nuggests session wont compare?? The struggle is real over here!!! lol 

    and here are some of my favorite sweet squishy baby poses...just for fun! ;) 
  • ^^^ This is why I don't photograph newborns....it takes super-talent and patience to get that quality. 

    I know my place! LOL  
  • Personally, I'm super excited to make a pinterest fail calender. The cute random baby photos and my amateur attempts to recreate them.
  • I am having newborn pictures done. I found a photographer who does a maternity and newborn package for $450 it includes 15 edited pictures from the maternity shoot and 20-25 from the newborn shoot. She said to expect to be at the studio for three hours for the newborn shoot, so the price seems fair to me.

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  • I would rather take that money and do family pics a few months down the road- which is exactly what we are doing. And for a fraction of the cost! Personally, there is something about the newborn posed photos I find a bit creepy. But I guess I should save that for uo Thursday! 

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  • I didn't take them with my first and I do regret it even though I think many of them are super cheesy. :(

    Do it! 
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