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Another cosleeping question

For those of you who cosleep at what age did you start putting baby to bed by themselves and then joining them later in the evening or do you do this? DD seems to be giving me the ques lately that she is ready for bed around 8-9ish but I'm not ready by that time. We will start feeding her around 8:30 and she goes down by 10-10:30. My question is do you put them down in your bed early and then go up later or do you just go to bed with them? DD is still young at 11weeks and doesn't really settle alone so I'm not even sure if putting her to bed alone is an option yet. 

Re: Another cosleeping question

  • I started putting my son in his crib until I went to bed whenever he wad unable to sleep in my arms through the evening. When he was a newborn we could watch tv, whatever, and hed snooze away. When that stopped happening I put him in the crib. But I went to bed pretty soon after...sleep when baby sleeps!!
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  • As long as my daughter was sleeping, it didn't matter where. Sometimes she was in the bed, on the couch next to me, in her bouncy seat, etc. If she wasn't already in bed, then when I and/or my husband was ready for bed, we just put her in then. 
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  • My daughter is almost 14 weeks and has been sleeping in the bed with us since we brought her home. She would never settle down alone so most nights we went into bed early and watched TV or talked until we were ready to sleep. Then all of a sudden right around 12 weeks or so I laid her down in her PnP so I could do something before bed and she put her thumb in her mouth and put herself to sleep within minutes. I won't say it's been perfect ever since but over the last 1-2 weeks we've been able to put her in bed alone to sleep early a handful of times and then join her when we're ready.  I'd say give it a try here and there and see how she responds but don't push it or get stressed if it doesn't seem to be working out.  Like I said with my daughter it was like a lightswitch flipped and all at once she was capable of both sleeping soundly on her back and putting herself to sleep without help- I just needed to wait until she wanted it to happen. 
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