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ftm, new to cloth, getting a good wash routine?

I'm super new to all this, and just started stocking up. So far I have 1 fleece to make inserts and maybe covers (if anyone has instruction that worked for them that would be appreciated!!;)), 10 flour sack towels, and 6 baby goal pocket diapers with microfiber liners.
What should my wash routine look like with this stash? I'm planning on using the pockets as covers for newborn over the flour sack towels if they fit. I know I'll be washing at least once a day and supplementing with disposable until I get more, but what should I use as detergent(how much etc) and what settings? Thanks!

Re: ftm, new to cloth, getting a good wash routine?

  • I would suggest visiting fluffloveuniversity.com they are an awesome resource and have both a washing machine index and a detergent index. You will need to start by getting test strips to test the hardness/softness of your water and then you can move forward from there. The Fluff Love & CD science FB group is also great for posting questions and having an admin chime in on your wash routine once you've decided. 
  • Oh man, I might be in the minority, but I use the cheapest free and clear, Dreft scent crystals and I use the highest water temperature setting. 

    I wash preoflds, aio's, pocket diapers and microfiber inserts this way. 
  • I would strongly advise against fluff love university. Their advice is destructive to diapers and many people have trouble with leaks, stink and rashes following their advice. The recommend far too much detergent than is really needed. 

    We'd love to give you some further advice at our  board (t)hen(co)m*esfa^mily(dot)com 

    How should I wash my diapers?
    A good routine to start with is cold or warm rinse, HOT wash with detergent and cold rinse, one more cold rinse. You can tweak your routine from there if your diapers are not getting clean enough. Make sure you spin out the water from your first rinse so that you’re not washing in poop/pee water.
    Wash your diapers every 2-3 days. Going longer is likely to cause stink issues.

    What detergent should I use?
    It’s going to depend on your diapers, washer, and water type. There’s no way we can tell you that. As a general rule, stay away from liquid detergents as they cause build up. A well-liked detergent on this board is Original powdered Tide, but there are lots of great cloth diaper detergents out there that work well. Check out Pinstripes and Polkadots (Linky) to see how cloth friendly your detergent is.
  • I agree with Pip and Willy, stay far far away from Fluff Love. Come visit us at the new place. We will help! 


  • I also agree to stay as far away from Fluff Love. As the others have mentioned there is a much better place to get information.

    Not bumping on The Bump anymore

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    Great Support, Great Conversations, and more than just Cloth Diapering at our new home

  • You've gotten some good advice on wash routines, but I would suggest some tweaks on your stash. You'll want some NB dipes, I suggest Imagine diapers if you are low on funds. Both their NB covers and AIOS get a lot of love, and they're a  great value.  For the newborn stage, flats or prefolds in  cover will be more economical than pockets, and I suggest GMD for flats and covers, but their are cheaper options out their, like Imagine. Good luck!
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  • I've been fairly simple so far (only been cloth diapering for 5 months though so I'm still a newbie). I have a no name top loading washer and we run on well water. 

    I do two cold short rinses. One regular washing cycle on hot with Norwex detergent and then a rinse after.

    we wash every three days and hang dry. No issues so far (fingers crossed). 
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    *Removed for TOU Violation* The extra rinses aren't good if you have hard water. 
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