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Introduction* kids and pregnancy mentioned..not my own*

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Hey guys my name is Alisa. I'm 23 and I have been ttc for over a year with no luck. Now AF has never really been regular since I took BC when I was about 17 or 18 so that Could be the cause of my issues but I'm not 100% sure. Most of my friends have kids already and seeing as I was always a year behind in school all my friends are younger then me so it's very upsetting. Don't get me wrong my two very best friends have given me three beautiful God kids and one of them has pcos and has a third miracle on the way that she just found out about. Its not that I'm not happy for her or that I won't love the kid as much as I love the others but I'm just feeling a little resentful atm and idk how to express it without it coming out wrong. I feel like a bad friend for feeling the way I do but I can't help it and I don't have anyone I can really talk to aside from my DH. And he's supportive and positive but it's not the same as having a girl who understands to talk to. I have started taking Prenatals and everything to. Idk what else to do. Anyway I'm gonna stop rambling now just wanted to let, you guys know I was here. I look forward to speaking with y'all. And walking this journey with you. 

Re: Introduction* kids and pregnancy mentioned..not my own*

  • Welcome and I'm sorry that you're having difficulty TTC.   Having bittersweet feelings or feelings of resentment are not unusual for those of us who have problems with infertility.  It doesn't make you a bad person, it just comes with the territory and it's part of the process that we all have to deal with.

    That being said, if you have been trying for a year and have irregular periods, it might be time for you to step it up a notch to find out what is going on.  I recommend reading "Taking Charge of your Fertility" (a book that many of us have read) which will give you a much stronger understanding of what needs to happen for you to get pregnant other than having a lot of sex, prenatals, etc.   You can try charting your temperatures and cycles to find out when you are actually fertile or to see if you are ovulating in the first place.

    After a few months of charting your cycles, you will then know if it's a good idea to see a doctor (a reproductive endocrinologist, not an OBGYN if possible) for some help.  Good luck!

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  • Thank you I'll definitely be getting the book the only issue is I cant seem to ever find a BBT thermometer to start charting. I have taken a few OP tests and Idk if it was a fluke one time thing or not but I did get a positive on that but with my irregular cycles it could just not be happening all the time.

    I am trying to figure It out. I just feel alone and as I was talking to my mom about it She suggested I find a  place to talk to people who are goin through the same thing so I'm not alone. I mean she tried to help for a long time but there is only so many times you wanna hear "it will happen when it supposed to."  Or her famous "I can't explain it but I know your goin to give me grandkids call it mothers instinct" Just started making me feel worse because sometimes I just feel like it's never goin to happen for me. So I'm glad I was able to find this page. DH tries to help but there's not to much he can do but be supportive atm. And do the best he can on his end of course.
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  • But as I said I'll get the book and if you have any suggestions as to where I can find a BBT thermometer it would be greatly appreciated so I can start charting
  • Hello and welcome @Babyfever92!  I'm sorry you have to be here but happy to have you nonetheless.  Just to piggyback off what the PP said above, I would definitely recommend making an appointment with an RE asap and go through the diagnostics and the testing.  Also, your DH should get a semen analysis right away.  It's the easiest test ever to have done and can provide a lot of information/answers.  So many couples assume the fertility issues only lie with the female, but that's only true 50% of the time.  My husband did an SA shortly after we decided TTC and I'm so glad he did, otherwise we would have been trying pointlessly for a year before getting help.  He suspected issues though, otherwise we might not have.  Best of luck to you and I hope you get some answers soon so you can get your BFP!
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  • I have gotten bbt thermometers at walmart and cvs. You can also order them on line.
  • We are planning on Trying just a bit longer but if nothing changes then yea we are both gonna get tested and try to figure it out and @katbb I'm living where I can't get mail like that atm but I'll Definatly check walmart and Cavs next time I'm in town thank you guys I'm feeling better already
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